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The Earhart Project Archives: Finding Aid by Type of Document
Historical Documents. Letters, journals, reports and photographs, primarily from 1937 to 1955. Click on the link at left to open an annotated index of all documents.
  An Answering Wave
  Avalanche of Psychics
  Betty’s Notebook
  Eric Bevington’s Journal
  Bones Chronology
  Bones: Forensic Analysis
  Brines Letter
  Carey Article  |  Photographs  |  Diary
  Chater Report
  Collopy Letter
  Colorado Lookout
  Cooper Report
  Helen Day Collection:  Fortaleza | Karachi| Bandoeng| Koepang
  Friedell’s Report
  Gallagher Gallery | Inventory of Gallagher’s Effects | A Letter to Gallagher  |  Gallagher’s Eighth Progress Report, July – September, 1940  |  Gallagher’s Ninth Progress Report, October – December 1940
  A Letter Home from Sid Harvey
  M. H. Hay’s Journal
  Hooven Report
  Jacobson Database
  Kelly Johnson Telegrams
  Floyd Kilts Story
  Lambrecht’s Report  |  Lambrecht Photo  |  Lambrecht: An Answering Wave
  Laxton, P.B., “Nikumaroro”
  Letters: Abbott, C. | Abbott, W. | Bastado | Boutelle | COMAIRFOR | Cone | Duncklee | Earhart | Farley | Goerner | Hampton 1 | Hampton 2 | Hampton 3 | Handwritten notes | Johnson 1 | Johnson 2 | Johnson 3 | Kenner | Lankford | MacIntyre | Maude | Noonan | Putnam 1 | Putnam 2Putnam 3 | Putnam 4 | Putnam 5 | Putnam 6 | Putnam 7 | Putnam 8 | Short | Southgate | State | Sir Ian Thomson | Tofinga | True | Waesche | Wynne | Yau Fai Lum
  Lockheed Report 487
  Logs: Colorado | Howland Radio | Itasca Deck | Itasca Radio I | Itasca Radio II | Itasca Raw
  Sir Harry Luke: Notes from the PRO
  Luke Field Crash Report  |  Luke Field Inventory
  MacPherson’s Report
  MacPherson Service Record
  Maude, H.E., “The Colonization of the Phoenix Islands”
  New Zealand Pacific Aviation Survey Expedition, Photo Album  |  New Zealand Pacific Aviation Survey Expedition: Gardner Island  |  New Zealand Pacific Aviation Survey Expedition: General Report
  Norwich City, Wreck of
  NTSB Report on 2-2-V-1
  Pan American Airways Memos
  Pearson & Lee, Background Materials  |  Pearson Paper
  Reports: Aircraft Inspection | Black Cruise Report | Colorado News Sheets | Dowell | Kamakaiwi | Leith | Maude | Murfin | Noonan | Noyes | Thompson Cruise | Thompson Transcripts | USCG Rescue
  Tarawa Archives
  Waesche Memo to Gibbons

Research Papers and Materials
  TIGHAR Research Bulletins, tracing the history of the project. Click on the link at left to open an annotated index of all bulletins.
#85 Photogrammetric Analysis of Earhart Arm Length
#84 The Jaluit Photo: Final Report
#83 The Jaluit Photo: What’s Wrong With This Picture?
#82 The Bevington Object: What’s Past is Prologue
#81 Looking in the Right Place
#80 The Long Farewell of the Norwich City
#79 Niku IX Lagoon Search
#78 Earhart’s Arm Length
#77 Forensic Determination of Amelia Earhart’s Height
#76 Fit Analysis of 2-2-V-1 by Jeffrey Neville
#75 Laboratory Report on 2-2-V-1
#74 Is TIGHAR Artifact 2-2-V-1 from a PBY?
#73 The Window, The Patch, and the Artifact
#72 The Smoking Gun?
#71 The Riddle of 2-2-V-1
#70 HURL Operational Overview
#69 Bevington Object Update
#68 Lost & Found
#67 Niku VII News
#66 Update on Niku VII
#65 Debris Field Analysis
#64 “Better Than Average Luck”
#63 Exploring the Debris Field
#62 Notion of a Lotion
#61 The Fuel System of NR16020
#60 Too True to Believe
#59 DNA Research Continues
#58 The Nessie Hypothesis
#57 Hiding in Plain Sight
#56 Where is the Electra?
#55 The Wreck Photo Resolved
#54 History Detectives Report
#53 The “Miami” Cockpit Photo
#52 Numbers Game
#51 Detective Story
#50 Bombing the Bridge to the Marshalls
#49 Last Words
#48 Artifact Analysis: Shoe Fetish, Part 3
#47 Katagateman: The Contribution of the British to the Earhart Search.
#46 A Moveable Feast: Do Crabs Steal Bones?
#45 Earhart on Tinian?
#44 Dados Galore
#43 The Dado, Part I
#42 Report on the Fiji Bone Search
#41 Wheel of Fortune
#40 Breaking News: Niku Vp
#39 The Knob That Wasn’t
#38 Secrets of the Knob
#37 The Itasca Radio Logs
#36 Artifact Analysis, Step 2
#35 RMS Titanic versus NR16020
#34 The Race to Find Amelia
#33 Mysteries of the Seven Site
#32 Satellite Photograph Analysis
#31 Shoe Fetish – Artifact Analysis, Part 2
#30 Click here for original bulletin: Could Betty Have Heard Earhart on a Harmonic? Or see: Harmony & Power |  Probability Tables |  Antenna Diagram — updated 8/15/06
#29 Shoe Fetish – Artifact Analysis, Part I
#28 Evaluating Betty’s Notebook
#27 A Lae Gallery
#26 The Lost Antenna II
#25 Gallagher of Nikumaroro
#24 Landing on the Reef
#23 The “7” Site
#22 Gallagher’s Clues
#21 Signs of Recent Habitation?
#20 The Lost Antenna
#19 Forensic Imaging Project – Update
#18 Amelia’s Fire Extinguisher?
#17 Forensic Imaging Project – Preliminary Results
#16 Forensic Imaging Project
#14 Expedition Report: The Fiji Bone Search
#13 Expedition Report: Niku IIIIP
#12 The Sextant Box Mystery
#11 Amelia Earhart’s Bones and Shoes?
#10 Wreck Photo Update
#9 Fred Noonan, Sea Captain
#8 Dating the Label Fragment
#7 The Crash At Sydney Island
#6 Amelia Earhart Search Conference Report
#5 Skull-Duggery
#4 Results of Kanton Mission
#3 The Search for the Canton Engine
#2 Photographic Proof or Wishful Thinking?
#1 The Castaway of Gardner Island
  Technical and Historical Papers
    Amelia Earhart
    Fred Noonan
    The Electra Radios
    The Flight:  First Attempt  | Second Attempt: Communications | Second Attempt: Route  | Second Attempt: Weather
    The Final Flight: Lae to Midpoint | Midpoint to the Vicinity of Howland | At Howland Island | The Airplane Returns to Earth | Reconstruction | Behavioral and Psychological Analyses of Amelia Earhart’s Final Flight | Maladaptive Behavior in Survivors
    The Search: The First Twenty-Four Hours | The Itasca Search | The Colorado Search | The Lexington Search | Search Maps
    The Post-Loss Radio Signals: Harmony and Power: Could Betty Have Heard Earhart on a Harmonic? | WE-13C Transmitter Harmonic Power Output | The Radio Riddle | The Post-Loss Radio Signals | Radio Direction Finder Analysis  | Tide Levels and the Post-Loss Radio Signals | Post-Loss Signal Catalog | Amelia’s Batteries | Post Loss Radio Analysis
    Forensic Analysis of the Bones Found on Nikumaroro in 1940
  Background and Context
    The Islands of the Japanese Mandate in 1937
    The Wreck of the Norwich City
    The Phoenix Islands
    McKean Island
    Amelia Earhart in the Mariana Islands

Artifact Analysis
  MMR Analysis of 2-2-V-1: MMR Project No. 128927 Report.pdf
  Artifact 2-2-V-1: New Evidence
  Eddy Current Analysis of Aluminum
  Metal and Glass
  Bottle Fragment
  Red Cake-Like Material
  Metal Fragment
  Unidentified Beige Material
  Zipper Slider
  A Freckle In Time

Maps and Photographs
  Maps of the flight, expedition routes, etc. Click on the link at left to open an annotated index of maps.
    Earhart’s Around the World Flight
    The Phoenix Islands
    The 157/337 Line of Position
    The Niku V Expedition Route
    Search Maps, 1937
  Photographs for reference use. Click on the link at left to open an annotated  index of photos.
    The Island
    Legendary Scaevola
    The Jungle
    The Landing Channel
    The Lagoon Shore
    Second Attempt Departure
    The Electra Airborne
    Earhart in the Cockpit
    Earhart and Putnam
    Fred Noonan

TIGHAR Tracks Articles
  1989 Diplomatic Approval, May
    It’s All Ahead Full For the Earhart Project, June
    Testing the Hypothesis, August
    Finding Amelia, November
    Artifact Identification and Analysis, December
  1990 Bones, March
    The Grail, August
    Nor Any Drop to Drink, September
    Bookcase Update, September
    As We Go To Press, November
  1991 Solving the Case, January
    Return to Nikumaroro, January
    Return to Nikumaroro, April
    Summary of Evidence, April
    Departure, September
    New Evidence, September
    Evidence, Conclusions, and Expectations, September
    A Promise of Certainty, December
    The Crash at Sydney Island, December
  1992 We Did It, March
    Artifact 2-2-V-1, March
    Dissent, March
    Artifact 2-2-G-7/1-9, March
    Lost and Found, March
    First on the Scene, March
    Through the Flak, April
    Help Wanted, April
    Biased Towards the Facts, April
    Agreed-Upon Lies, September
    A Whole New Beach Party, September
  1993 The Plan for Niku III, January
    Matching the Markings, January
    The Dawn of Reason, January
    An Answering Wave, June
    Preparations for Niku III, June
    Naval Engagement, June
    Cosmic Significance, September
    Ship in Sight Ahead, December
    For Want of a Nail, December
    Not Worth the Trip, December
    It’s Only Television, December
  1994 Hit or Myth, June
    Looking in the Right Place, June
    The Final Flight, June
    A Novel Approach, June
    Dead Zone, October
  1995 Lockheeds, Logos, and Legs, February
    Caution: History Under Construction, February
    The Earhart Electra: A Star is Born, May
    Catch of the Day, September
    The Earhart Electra: Around the World, September
    What’s a Dado Anyway?, September
    The Any-Idiot Artifact, September
    The Gilligan Hypothesis, September
    Sixty Years is Long Enough to Wait, December
    Qualitative Data, December
    Things Not Said, December
    A View to the Sea, December
    Stand By, December
  1996 Niku III Preliminary Expedition, March
    The Crash at Sydney Island, March
    Part No. 40552, March
    The Solomon Islands Expedition, March
    Finding Amelia, September
    Log Jam, September
    Found Objects, September
    Paradise Lost, September
    Clues and Conclusions, September
    Niku III: Once And For All, September
    The Amelia Earhart Library and Film Festival, September
  1997 Hell & High Water, September
    I Saw Pieces of an Airplane, September
    Corroboration, September
    Is This Earhart’s Electra?, September
    The Canton Engine, September
    The Tarawa File, September
    The Castaway of Gardner Island, September
    Completing the Puzzle, September
    Niku IIII, September
    Impressions, September
  1998 The Kanton Mission, May
    The Pilots Thought I Was Nuts, May
    Ate Another MRE, May
    The Noonan Project, May
    Back to Square One, May
    The Wreck Photo, May
    Amelia Earhart’s Bones and Shoes?, December
    Kanawa Point, December
    The Wreck Photo, December
    The Crash at Sydney Island, December
    Turning of the Tide, December
  1999 Niku IIIIP
    Fiji Bone Search 1
    Context: The Phoenix Islands Settlement Scheme
    Mrs. O’Brian
    The Carpenter’s Daughter
    Where Were the Bones?
    Gallagher’s Clues
    The TIGHAR Hypothesis
    Interview Transcripts
  2000 Niku IIII, September
    The 7 Site, September
    Niku IIII Funding, October
    “This Is Amelia Earhart”, October
    Organizing the Argument, October
    Other Ears, October
    The Girl Who Heard Amelia, November
    Propagation Analysis, November
    Disqualifying References?, November
    Occult References, November
    A Landing on the Reef, November
    Expedition Expanded, December
    Betty’s Notebook – Update, December
    Not-So-Happy Trails, December
  2001 A Shoe Fetish, February
    Further Discoveries, February
    Could Betty Have Heard Amelia Earhart on a Harmonic?, February
    TIGHAR In Space, February
    A Shoe Fetish, Part II, March
    The Kelly Johnson Telegrams, March
    TIGHAR in Tarawa, April
    TIGHAR in Space 2, April
    Love to Mother, May
    To Look Down Like a Frigate Bird, May
    Treasure Map, June
    As Good as a Feast, July/August
    Plans and Expectations, July/August
    Gunsmoke, July/August
    Famous Last Words, July/August
    Expedition Report, September
    Mysteries of the Seven Site, November
    A New Mystery, November
  2002 The Race to Find Amelia, February
    RMS Titanic versus NR16020, February
    Niku IIII: Post-Expedition Analysis Progress Report, February
    We Are On the Line 157 337 ..., March
    The Deep Water Handicap, March
    Niku IIII: Post-Expedition Analysis Progress Report 2, March
    Seven Site Research Report, April
    Clues From Maps, April
    Hypotheses, April
    Research Report, June
    Planning Starts for Niku V, June
    Deep Water Handicap: Race Results, June
    The Knob That Wasn’t, September
    Amelia Earhart and the Loch Ness Monster, September
  2003 Breaking News: Wheel of Fortune, January
    Niku Vp, March
    Niku Vp, May
    Fiji Bones Search 2, May
    The Suitcase In My Closet, May
    Niku Vp, July
    Wheel of Fortune, July
    Bad News/Good News, September
    Dados Galore, September
    Fiji Bone Search, September
    Hard Evidence, September
  2004 Summary of Evidence, January
    Yes No Maybe, January
    How We Do It, January
    2004 Earhart Project Expeditions, April
    The Year of the Dado, October
    “The Men Did Their Duty”, October
    The UnDados, October
  2005 Ship On Reef, October
  2006 Detective Story, October
  2007 Niku V, February
    New Discovery, February
    A Short History of a Long Project, July
    Niku V Preliminary Report, August
  2008 So Many Projects, So Much to Report, March
    Jigsaw Puzzle, May
    Artifact 2-8-S-5, May
    Artifact 2-8-S-3, July
    Smoking Guns, October
    Archaeological Update, October
    The 3105 Donut, October
    Numbers Game, October
  2009 Niku Again in 2010, July
    Road to Niku VI, July
    The Post-Loss Radio Signals, July
  2010 The Plan for Niku VI, February
    Approaching the Seven Site, February
    Where is the Electra?, February
    What Might We Expect to Find, and Where Should We Look For It?, February
    Niku VI, July
    Niku VI Dailies, July
    Review and Update, November
    Niku VI Research, November
    Niku 7, November
Expedition Reports, 1989 – 2012. This link is to a list of expeditions which contains further links.

The Earhart Forum, Archives, 1998 – 2009. Links to the highlights, text files, and FAQs.

Book Reviews. Reviews of books about Earhart, searches, or otherwise related to the Earhart Project.

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