Forensic Analysis of the Nikumaroro Bones

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The papers listed below are, in chronological order, the modern evaluations of the analysis of the bones found on Nikumaroro in 1940.

Date Title Author(s)
5 Dec 1998 Amelia Earhart’s Bones and Shoes: Current Anthropological Perspectives on an Historical Mystery Karen Ramey Burns, Richard L. Jantz, Thomas F. King, Richard E. Gillespie

This paper was prepared by Karen R. Burns, Ph.D. (TIGHAR # 2071); Richard L. Jantz, Ph.D.; Thomas F. King, Ph.D. (TIGHAR #0391CE); and Richard E. Gillespie, Executive Director of TIGHAR, for release at the annual convention of the American Anthropological Association in Philadelphia on December 5, 1998.

May 2015 The Nikumaroro Bones Identification Controversy Pamela J. Cross and Richard E. Wright

A paper prepared by Cross, a graduate student in England, and Wright, an Australian anthropologist, as a criticism of and answer to the Burns/Jantz paper of December 1998.

6 Feb 2018 Amelia Earhart and the Nikumaroro Bones Richard L. Jantz
A paper refuting the claims made in the May 2105 paper by Cross and Wright, and presenting new evidence based on updated technology the Earhart died on Nikumaroro and the remains of her skeleton were found there in 1940.

6 Feb 2018 Bones & Bias Richard Gillespie
Historical background and current understandings of the complex issues confronting the Western Pacific High Commission in working through the investigation and coming to an incorrect conclusion.

6 Feb 2018 The Archaeological Context of the 1940 Nikumaroro Bones Discovery Thomas F. King

The archaeological background to the discussions in the papers by Jantz and Gillespie.

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