Research Papers
Amelia Earhart
Fred Noonan
The Electra Radios
The Flight
  First Attempt
  Second Attempt: Communications
  Second Attempt: Route
  Second Attempt: Weather
The Final Flight
  Lae to Midpoint
  Midpoint to the Vicinity of Howland
  At Howland Island
  The Airplane Returns to Earth
  Behavioral and Psychological Analyses of Amelia Earhart’s Final Flight (PDF)


Maladaptive Behavior in Survivors: Dysexecutive Survivor Syndrome (PDF)
The Search
  The First Twenty-Four Hours
  The Itasca Search
  The Colorado Search
  The Lexington Search
  Search Maps
The Post-Loss Radio Signals

  Post-Loss Radio Signal Catalog
  Harmony and Power: Could Betty Have Heard Earhart on a Harmonic?  (PDF)
  WE-13C Transmitter Harmonic Power Output
  The Radio Riddle
  The Post-Loss Radio Signals
  Radio Direction Finder Analysis
  Tide Levels and the Post-Loss Radio Signals  (PDF)
  Amelia’s Batteries
Background and Context
  The Islands of the Japanese Mandate in 1937
  The Wreck of the Norwich City
  The Phoenix Islands
  McKean Island
  Amelia Earhart in the Mariana Islands
  A Freckle in Time
  2-2-V-1: Preliminary Report on Fractographic Analysis
  MMR Project No. 12896 Report  (PDF)      Fractographic analysis of 2-2-V-1, full report.
  Eddy Current Analysis
  Forensic Analysis of Bones Found on Nikumaroro in 1940
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