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Finding Amelia

Finding Amelia

Finding Amelia, Ric Gillespie’s book on the 1937 search for Earhart, is excerpted and discussed in this section. The data DVD content is included in its entirety as well.


In progress now: a book documenting the evolution of the world’s most famous missing aircraft. Delivered to Amelia on her 39th birthday – July 24, 1936 – the aircraft was in service less than a year when it vanished on July 2, 1937. During that time Amelia’s Model 10E Special underwent many modifications. Instruments, fuel tanks, registration markings, radios, antennas, even windows, came and went as the so-called Flying Laboratory was readied for its globe circling mission. In the seventy-eight years since it was last seen, misconceptions about Earhart’s Electra have made it difficult for the public to assess competing theories about its ultimate fate. This book is a documented history of the plane’s development, what is known – and not known – about the changes that were made and what they say about the people who made them. Click HERE to read the first chapter. Click HERE to help support the writing of this book.

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