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The Pearson Paper

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In the 1880s and 1890s Dr. Karl Pearson made significant contributions to the Royal Society, of which he was a Fellow, in the field of mathematical analysis of the relationship of human height to the length of the femur and the tibia. This paper presents his full analysis and comprehensive graphs as a culmination of his work in the field.

Dr. D. W. Hoodless, Principal of the Central Medical School in Fiji, used this information and the graphs as the basis for his conclusion that the bones found on Nikumaroro were those of a short, stocky man.

Modern forensic anthropological data indicates that, in fact, the bones were those of a taller woman of northern European extraction. See Amelia Earhart’s Bones and Shoes.

This paper is reproduced here by courtesy of the Royal Society. PDF originally produced and stored by JSTOR.


Click HERE to open the PDF of the article. Note: It’s a long article and will take a while to load.

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Graph 1

Graph 2

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