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A Letter To Gallagher
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This letter to Gerald Gallagher, Officer-In-Charge, Phoenix Islands Settlement Scheme, on Gardner Island, was received several months after his death in September 1941. We found it in his official file in England in November 1998. The letter may provide clues to Gallagher’s personal and family life which may assist us in tracking the recipient of his personal effects. These may include other letters, and an album of photographs. We can't help but wonder if he took pictures of the bones he discovered in 1940.

The Boys' College at Blenheim Palace [?] tem. Horsington House nr Templecombe Somerset Nov. 15th
[My] dear Gerald, Goodness knows when this letter will reach you, or if you have ever had any of mine! I have not written for a long time though. Of course we are indulging in a war so posts are more than ever delayed. You will notice my address! The gov't took a fancy to the buildings of both Boys' [and] Girls Colleges. Turned us out! So we are in 3 different houses in Somerset--and it is dismal and depressing to a degree. This is a hamlet--miles from anywhere. I have had to shut up my bungalow but shall return to it for holidays. Just pray we can go back to Malvern before long. Actually, the gov't are not in the buildings after causing all this upheaval! Stables are carrying on with seven horses "up" and there is even a little

hunting. Harry was called up and Jim is doing other work in Malvern at present. And only Jack at stables with Ted. Molly is busy with Women's Air Force and goes to Worcester daily--Mary goes also. I forget if you know that Mary's father died just before last Xmas-- and Mr. Hill about last Easter, so both these girls are on their own, Molly still in "Batsford" and Mary has a bungalow on Malvern Common near the golfhouse. I am very homesick here and simply loathe it. I do miss the horses so. I heard you were in hospital suffering from tropical boils--I do hope you now are all right. I wonder if you hear much war news. This is a strange war. Hunting was going to be so good this season--plenty of new horses. Some new customers. It does seem too bad. We talk and think of you so often. It will be marvellous when you get home leave. I see you arriving with a long beard!! Cheerio--all the best. Love from

Ruby Margetts

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