Earhart Project Research Bulletin
July, 2002
Artifact 2-6-S-45

Secrets of the Knob

Symbol #12

Analysis and photos courtesy Jeff Glickman, Photek Imaging.

This is an analysis of a photomicrograph of symbol #12 on TIGHAR artifact 2-6-S-45, commonly known as “the knob.” The photograph is visually degraded because of the JPEG format which is used to enable email transmission. This analysis contains 3 images which are separately annotated.

Annotated Image #1: Original Image. This is a visualization of symbol #12 using 3 degree up angle lighting from the northwest.

Annotated Image #2: Notes. Edge 1. A curve is seen on the symbol at the location indicated by Edge 1, a concave edge, which appears to be the result of a physical insult. As a result, the right and left edge walls, annotated as Edge 2 and Edge 3 respectively, have been spread apart.

Annotated Image #3: Highlighted Edges. The unambiguous edges are highlighted in yellow, which, after compensating for the wall spreading, are the set of edges for a lower case “l” (el), a capital “I” (eye), or the number “1” (one). The context of being a patent number provides the means to disambiguate this outline.

Conclusion: The configuration of the edges, the curvature and the context, suggests TIGHAR artifact 2-6-S-45 symbol #12 has a high likelihood of being a one (“1”).

Jeff Glickman • Photek • Board Certified Forensic Examiner • Fellow, American College of Forensic Examiners • 503-949-6200
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