Earhart Project Research Bulletin #17
November 2, 1999
Forensic Imaging Preliminary Results

Here is the first report from Photek, Inc. on the forensic imaging project described in the previous Research Bulletin. You’ll notice that the image in the 1937 photo has been reversed. This was done for reasons involving the emulsion on the negative and to attain better resolution.

At this point, we know that in October 1937 there really was something in the area where Emily Sikuli says she saw aircraft wreckage in 1940/41. The rectilinear and cylindrical elements mentioned in the report, if confirmed, would be a strong indication that the feature was manmade. The work continues.

Bevington 1937 photo.
November 2, 1999


Dear Mr. Gillespie,

I have begun analysis of the photographs relating to the reef object on Niku seen by Emily Sikuli in the period December 1939 through December 1941. Initially I have focused on the October 1937 photograph of the S.S. Norwich City taken by Eric Bevington.

The enclosed TIF file has an inset containing a preliminary enhancement of the reef object – more sophisticated enhancement will be performed later. The purpose of this initial enhancement was to extract basic shape information. A subsequent enhancement will be used to extract texture information contained within this shape. This object may contain rectilinear elements as well as cylindrical elements. While currently subjective, later analytical methods may objectively confirm this. Further, an additional photograph will be required to confirm this, as a single photograph is insufficient to draw such conclusions.

A second photograph, taken in December of 1938, corroborates the presence of the object on the reef. Later processing and computations will yield accurate information about the distance of the object from the S.S. Norwich City and the size of the object, both its length, and the height it extends above the water line in the October 1937 photograph.


Jeff Glickman
Board Certified Forensic Examiner
Fellow, American College of Forensic Examiners

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