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Volume 1 through Volume 5
1985 through 1989
Volume 6 through Volume 10
1990 through 1994
Volume 11 through Volume 15
1995 through 1999
2000 through 2004
Volume 21 through Volume 25
2005 through 2009
Volume 26 through Volume 30 2010 through 2014
Volume 31 through Volume 35 2015 through 2019
Volume 36 through Volume 40 2020 through 2024
Key to Article Codes  
Volume 11, #1
Dear TIGHAR Pima Museum, Metric Mile, Enola Gay, Saint Exupery LT
The Penguin Swings essay on air museum world HP
Statement by I. Michael Heyman official statement on Enola Gay HP
Lockheeds, Logos, and Legs Frank Lombardo’s article on the film Rosalie AE
An Adventure in Newfoundland Expedition XXIV in Newfoundland PMG
Free To Good Home TIGHAR stuff available to archives or museums FS
Caution: History Under Construction Building Earhart’s aircraft AE
Comparison Shopping announcement of magazine reviews RV
All New TIGHAR Tracks new look due to Honeywell; TIGHAR Ambassador program; Air Classics runs letter MM
Course Schedule 1995 four course sites AC
(News) Display System News information about using BBS CBT
Blue Side Up Enola Gay/Heterosexual cartoon by John Deering HM
Whatever Happened To... Vance Blaettler and George Cox research project help MM
Play It Again, Mitsuo did Mitsuo Fuchida really say Tora Tora Tora GH
Lost Indeed Review of The Lost Squadron, book about P-38s in Greenland RV
TIGHAR Store TIGHAR stuff for sale TB
Honeywell helps the TIGHAR keep on tracking First run of Honeywell sponsorship ad TB
Volume 11, #2
Special Announcement return to Niku announced AE
TIGHAR Cub Fund Tom Cook’s donation TB
Chariots in a Pharoah’s Tomb Kassel, Mainz-Finthen, Rothwesten, etc. OS
Rates & Measures reviews of various magazines RV
Whatever Became Of... Los Padres, PNG B-17, Kingsford-Smith, Bellanca RM
The Earhart Electra Part One: A Star is Born external configuration AE
Fully Restored essay on preservation vs. restoration HP
Doonesbury “You don’t recondition history, man!” HM
Volume 11, #3
Back and Forth Gary Hebbard and A(n) historic LT
Your Tax Dollar At Work about National Park Service guidelines HP
Aviation in American History: A Preservation Perspective essay on aviation history by REG GH
Catch of the Day John Mims story AE
The Earhart Electra Part Two: Around the World Post Hawaii crash airplane AE
What’s a Dado Anyway artifact analysis AE
The Any-Idiot Artifact how to end the speculation AE
The Gilligan Hypothesis clearing on windward side AE
Fund Raising Update project money AE
In Memorium: G. Robert Bessett Kris Tague’s obit of Bob MM
Once More, With Feeling various re-enactments RM
Bulletin Board for Use of Members Only Dabrowski Allison ad, CD-Rom request for TIGHAR TB

Volume 11, #4

Sixty Years is Long Enough to Wait look at where the project is AE
I’m Learning to Curse the Wright Brothers Paul Jones’ journal GH
The Kassel Underground article on Fliegerhorst Rothwesten by Lou Schoonbrood OS
Great Hammer, Lousy Screwdriver concerning National Register status for aircraft HP
Correction – Maybe did Curtiss H-12 see action in WWI HP
The Vietnamese Air Force Museum review by Mike Mullen RV
Qualitative Data Amelia Earhart – Case Closed? review RV
Amelia Captures the Japanese book in Japanese by Fukiko Hamill AE
Things Not Said circling/drifting messages AE
A View to the Sea beach opening on windward side AE
The Tax Man Cometh review of deductibility and receipts TB
CyberTIGHAR closing of bulletin board and erection of web site CBT

Volume 12, #1

Please note: the article links are in text format with few or no graphics. Click on the Volume link for a PDF.

History in the Attic check your attics for information GH
The Niku III Preliminary Expedition report on expedition AE
Preliminary Findings artifact analysis AE
The Crash at Sydney Island B-24 crash at Sydney AE
Part Number 40552 analysis of plexi AE
Solomon Islands Expedition Ballendorf’s trip to Vaghena AE
The Ghost Re-Appears new work on PMG PMG
The Museum of Hard Knocks concerning NASM RV
Hanged, Drawn & Quartered review of Enola Gay exhibit RV
The Decision to Use the Atomic Bomb... Gar Alperovitz’ book RV
Hazardous Material preview of Smithsonian scripts RV
State of the TIGHAR financial and other affairs TB
A TIGHAR on the Web concerning the Web Page CBT
Blue Side Up lighthouse/aircraft carrier joke from net HM
Volume 12, #2
Finding Amelia special issue AE
Pacific Ocean Map of various islands with LOP AE
Log Jam Itasca radio logs AE
Found Objects artifact analysis AE
Map map of Niku with areas delineated AE
Paradise Lost chronology of island AE
Clues and Conclusions hypothesis AE
The Niku III Expedition: Once and For All planning and technology AE
The Amelia Earhart Library and Film Festival reviews of books and films RV
No You Weren’t Phil Scott’s Review of I Was Amelia Earhart RV
Hidden Platitudes PRT’s review of Hidden Latitudes RV
Not Again... David Clark's cartoon of AE HM
Volume 13, #1/2
Corroboration Photographic analysis of possible wreckage on reef at Niku AE
Is This Earhart’s Electra? Further analysis of the wreck photo. AE
The Canton Engine Discussion of story of finding a radial aircraft engine on Canton Island AE
The Tarawa File Telegrams and correspondence concerning discovery of bones on Niku in 1940 AE
Hell & High Water Niku III expedition overview AE
The Castaways of Gardner island Diagram and analysis of description of items found on Niku by Gallagher AE
Completing the Puzzle What has been done and what remains to be done. AE
Niku IIII: Courage is the Price Planning for next expedition AE
Impressions Reviews of Amelia by Goldstein and Dillon, East to the Dawn by Butler, and Whistled Like a Bird by Chapman RV
I Saw Pieces of an Airplane Report on work in Funafuti and interviews with folks there AE
Volume 14, #1
Back to Square One for 2-2-V-1 Research and analysis on piece of sheet metal AE
The Wreck Photo Analysis of wreck photo AE
Pilze Für Jäger by Lou Schoonbrood on the mushroom-building project in Germany at end of WWII OS
Special Friends Department correspondence from children on Earhart AE
Departures death announcements of Muriel Earhart Morrissey and Bo McKneely AE
Arrival Code Name Bright Light by Jay Veith RV
TIGHARs at Work AAIR, Kruesi, SYMA MM
The Kanton Mission Report of work on Canton Island AE
The Pilots Thought I was Nuts Bruce Yoho’s story of finding the engine on an island and moving it to Canton AE
Ate Another MRE Kenton Spading’s field notes from Canton AE
The Noonan Project Research on Noonan’s background AE
Volume 14, #2
Kanawa Point Analysis of possible site for where bones were found AE
The Wreck Photo More on aircraft type AE
The Crash at Sydney Island DC-3 crash at Sydney during WWII AE
The Turning of the Tide Editorial on project by Gillespie AE
Do You Have an Historic Aviation Property National Register Bulletin on historic aircraft and their inclusion in the Register HP
Yet Another Lost Lockheed Report on Antoine de Saint-Exupéry AA
Dear TIGHAR Letter concerning overdosing on Amelia, with answer LT
Amelia Earhart’s Bones and Shoes AAA paper, as delivered AE
Volume 15
Problems and Progress Overview of the year TB
Niku IIIIP Report on 1999 Earhart fieldwork AE
Fiji Bone Search Report on Fiji bone search AE
Context: The Phoenix Islands Settlement Scheme History of the P.I.S.S. AE
Mrs. O’Brian Report on interview with Otiria O’Brian AE
The Carpenter’s Daughter (two pages) Report on interview with Emily Sikuli AE
Where Were the Bones? Analysis of bone interviews AE
Gallagher’s Clues Analysis of Gallagher’s reports AE
The TIGHAR Hypothesis Hypothesis as of 12/31/99 AE
Earhart Project FAQs Frequently asked questions AE
TIGHAR Tracks: The First Fifteen Years Overview of TIGHAR Tracks from the beginning TB
Consolidated Notes from Meeting/Interview with Emily Sikuli (two pages) transcript AE
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