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Volume 1 through Volume 5
1985 through 1989
Volume 6 through Volume 10
1990 through 1994
Volume 11 through Volume 15
1995 through 1999
Volume 16 through Volume 20
2000 through 2004
Volume 21 through Volume 25
2005 through 2009
Volume 26 through Volume 30 2010 through 2014
Volume 31 through Volume 35 2015 through 2019
Volume 36 through Volume 40 2020 through 2024
Key to Article Codes  
Issue Title Subject Code
Volume 21 #1
May 2005
The Suitcase in My Closet Announcement of book project AE
Introduction Intro to book, draft AE
Losing Amelia: Chapter 1, Kamakaiwi Field First chapter, draft AE
2005 TIGHAR Aviation Archeology Field School College Park announcement AC
Volume 21, #2
August 2005
We Have a Publisher Naval Institute Press announcement AE
Hawaiian Debacle Chapter 2 draft AE
Reversals Chapter 3 draft AE
Not For Publication Chapter 4 draft AE
Literary Guild Funding the book AE
Volume 21, #3
October 2005
Progress Report Report on Book AE
Stand to Sea Chapter 5 draft AE
The Long Road to Lae Chapter 6 draft AE
“Ship is on reef south of the equator” Randolph/Rock Springs radio call AE
Volume 22, #1
February 2006
To Save a Devastator TBD report TBD
Unsung Hero Historical importance of TBD TBD
An Urgent Recommendation TBD performance analysis from the time TBD
Progress Report Progress on book AE
Denmark’s a Prison Chapter 7 draft AE
Lost Chapter 8 draft AE
Volume 23, #1
February 2007
Niku V – The 70th Anniversary Expedition Overview of Niku V upcoming AE
New Discovery The Cary diaries AE
Finding Amelia Sales Release of book AE
To Save a Devastator Evaluation expedition TBD
Volume 23, #2
July 2007
A Short History of a Long Project Overview of Earhart Project AE
Volume 23, #3
August 2007
Niku V Preliminary Report First questions and answers from field work AE
Artifacts Found Report on village and seven site AE
Imagery Acquired Kite aerial photography AE

Volume 23, #4
November 2007

Saving a Devastator, Making History Progress on TBD TBD
Volume 24, #1
March 2008
So Many Projects, So Much to Report Analytical work on Earhart Project AE
Back to the Marshalls Report on TBD TBD
Maid of Harlech Report on P-38 project P38
Volume 24, #2
May 2008
Jigsaw Puzzle Lengthy report on Earhart Project artifacts AE
Volume 24, #3
July 2008
Another Piece of the Puzzle Full report on zipper. AE
Volume 24, #4
October 2008
Smoking Guns Continued work on Earhart. AE
Archeological Update Further on artifacts and DNA AE
The 31o5 Donut Discussion on radio technical matters. AE
Numbers Game Sextant numbers. AE
Announcing the TIGHAR Institute for Aviation History Website update and expansion. CBT
Review and Update On P-38 and Devastator P38

Volume 25
July 2009

Niku Again in 2010 Niku VI announcement AE
Road to Niku VI A short history of the project AE
The Post-Loss Radio Signals Their importance in the project AE
Logistics Logistics Logistics Work in the Marshall Islands TBD
TIGHAR 2.0 Upgrades to website CBT
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