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1985 through 1989
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1990 through 1994
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1995 through 1999
Volume 16 through Volume 20
2000 through 2004
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Key to Article Codes  
Issue Title Subject Code
Volume 16 #1
September 2000
Staying in Touch Change in newsletter TB
Niku IIII Project Report AE
The 7 Site Site work and photographic comparisons AE
Volume 16, # 2
October 2000
Niku IIII Funding Well Underway Progress on fundraising AE
“This is Amelia Earhart” First report of Betty’s Notebook AE
The Organizing the Argument Assessment of notebook by Bob Brandenburg AE
Other Ears Reports from others who heard AE AE
Volume 16, # 3
November 2000
Fueling Up Fundraising progress AE
The Girl Who Heard Amelia Betty’s Notebook AE
Propagation Analysis Technical analysis of radio signals AE
Disqualifying References? Analysis of content AE
Occult References Inaccessible information AE
A Landing on the Reef Reef landing hypothesis AE
Volume 16, # 4
December 2000
Expedition Expanded Fundraising AE
Betty’s Notebook – Update Radio transmissions database AE
Not-So-Happy Trails Footpaths on Nikumaroro, photo analysis AE
The Lady of the Lake B-23 field school HP
Volume 17, #1
February 2001
A Shoe Fetish Analysis of shoe remains AE
Identification of the Artifacts Cats Paw heel AE
Further Discoveries Label analysis AE
Could Betty Have Heard Amelia Earhart on a Harmonic? Analysis of radio signals AE
TIGHAR in Space Space Imaging contract AE
Volume 17, #2
March 2001
A Shoe Fetish, Part 2 More on shoe artifacts AE
The Kelly Johnson Telegrams Johnson’s advice on fuel management AE
Register Now! 2001 course in California HP
Volume 17, #3
April 2001
TIGHAR in Tarawa Research report on archival work in Kiribati AE
TIGHAR in Space Report on satellite photo AE

Volume 17, #4
May 2001

Love to Mother The Wiehsien telegram AE
To Look Down Like a Frigate Bird Satellite imagery AE
Volume 17, #5
June 2001
Treasure Map Satellite photo analysis AE
Volume 17, #6
July/August 2001
As Good As a Feast Funding completed AE
Plans and Expectations Niku IIII field work plans AE
Gunsmoke What can be hoped AE
Famous Last Words Salvage tug at Niku AE
Forest Fortress B-17 field school in California HP
Volume 17, #7
September 2001
Expedition Report Daily reports from the field AE
Volume 17, #8
November 2001
Mysteries of the Seven Site Artifact report AE
Volume 18, #1
February 2002
The Race to Find Amelia Deep water searches AE
Niku IIII Post-Expedition Analysis Artifact identification AE

Volume 18, #2
March 2002

We are on the line 157 337 LOP explanation AE
Deep Water Handicap More on deep water searches AE
Niku IIII Post-Expedition Analysis Progress report on artifact identification AE
Volume 18, #3
April 2002
Seven Site Research Report Niku IIII report AE
Aviation Archeology Field School YB-49 site HP
Volume 18, #4
June 2002
Research Report Analysis of artifacts AE
Planning Starts for Niku V EPAC meeting AE
Deep Water Handicap More on deep water searches AE
Remarkable! Bill Harney’s model AE
Volume 18, #5
September 2002

The Knob That Wasn’t

Artifact identification AE
Special Report to be Published Genesis of Finding Amelia AE
Do You Have Your Shoes? Tom King’s book AE
Amelia Earhart and the Loch Ness Monster Earhart and folklore AE
Volume 19, #1
January 2003
Breaking News Wheel on Nikumaroro AE
Paradise Now Fundraising raffle FR
Volume 19, #2
March 2003
Plan for Niku Vp Planning and team AE
Special Report Progress Preview of radio study AE
Volume 19, #3
May 2003
Niku V Plan B Planning and team AE
Fiji Bone Search Planning and team AE
The Suitcase in My Closet Post-loss radio study evolution AE
Volume 19, #4
July 2003
Niku Vp Adventures and calamities in departing AE
Wheel of Fortune Greg Stone and his sighting AE
Volume 19, #5
September 2003
Bad News/Good News Results of Niku Vp AE
Dados Galore Research on Artifact 2-1-V-18 AE
Fiji Bone Search Report on results AE
Hard Evidence Review of documentary evidence on the project AE
Volume 20, #1
January 2004
Summary of Evidence Review of full story AE
Yes No Maybe The elimination process for artifacts AE
How We Do It Topics being researched AE

Volume 20, #2
April 2004

TIGHAR’s New Project Devastator Project announced TBD
2004 Earhart Project Expeditions Field work examining L-10 wrecks AE
Volume 20 #3
July 2004
TIGHAR Report: Jaluit Survey Initial survey of WWII aircraft wrecks in Jaluit lagoon TBD
Volume 20 #4
December 2004
The Year of the Dado Field work to examine L-10 wrecks for dado-like structures AE
“The Men Did Their Duty” The story of the Ketchikan, Alaska Electra crash HP
Devastator Project Update Further work in the Marshall Islands TBD TBD
The Un-Dados Analysis of dado artifacts AE
Everybody Needs New Shoes Review of Amelia Earhart’s Shoes by Tom King AE
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