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Volume 1 through Volume 5
1985 through 1989
Volume 6 through Volume 10
1990 through 1994
Volume 11 through Volume 15
1995 through 1999
2000 through 2004
Volume 21 through Volume 25
2005 through 2009
Volume 26 through Volume 30 2010 through 2014
Volume 31 through Volume 35 2015 through 2019
Volume 36 through Volume 40 2020 through 2024
Key to Article Codes  
Volume 1, #1
The Agaiambo E The B-17 in New Guinea. B17
Operation Barnstormer Aircraft in a barn in New York. HP
Rumor Mill Condor; Buccaneer; P-26; June Bug. RM
Midnight Ghost Report of field work in Maine. PMG
Public Exhibits 1985 List of appearances. PR
Volume 1, #2
Welcome Welcome to new members. PR
Midnight Ghost Technology to be deployed in field work. PMG
Operation Barnstormer Aircraft and components for sale. FS
The Agaiambo E Research progress on B-17. B-17
Rumor Mill Underground Luftwaffe, Lost Zeros, Hellcats and Catalinas. RM
The Swamp Orphan P-47 research on NC swamp aircraft. RM
Volume 1, #3
Notice of Expedition B-17 field work in New Guinea. B-17
Midnight Ghost Report of field work. PMG
The Rumor Mill B-17 in Maine RM
Operation Sepulchre Report on research OS
Operation Gold Rush Research on WWII aircraft in Alaska HP
Swamp Orphan P-47 research project RM
TIGHAR Travels Report on what management did MM
Each One Reach One Membership drive MM
Volume 2, # 1
That They Might Escape the Teeth of Time Preservation essay HP
B-17E Recovery Expedition Update on research and expedition B-17
Round Up Swamp Orphan, Alaska, stuff for sale RM
Midnight Ghost Update on research and expeditions PMG
The Rumor Mill B-17 in Maine; B-24 etc. in PNG; Pittsburgh B-25 RM
Strictly Business Taxes; chapters; expedition questionnaire; sponsor thanks TB
Volume 2, # 2
Proof of Concept Project halted by PNG government. B-17
Midnight Ghost Second Lake hypothesis PMG
Annual Dinner Announcement and invite; B-17 theme FR
Mission Update Write-up of trip to B-17 B-17
Operation Sepulchre Research and progress OS
Rumor Mill B-17 in Maine RM
Strictly Business Richard Yersak on board; other board business; members and ex-members; B-17 expedition TB
Volume 2, # 3
Aircraft to Artifact Preservation essay HP
Operation Sepulchre OpSep sponsorship OS
The Defense Does Not Rest B-17 problems B-17
Midnight Ghost PMG 1986 fieldwork – camping in the woods PMG
Snow Job Alaska explanations and history HP
Crack Shots Book and magazine reviews RV
Strictly Business Members and ex-members; B-17 beads and trinkets TB
Volume 3, # 1
To The Members Welcome to new members MM
Curtain Call PMG history lesson PMG
Dramatis Personae Bios of Nungesser and Coli PMG
Midnight Ghost General update PMG
Notice of Expedition Search ops plan PMG
Member-To-Member Member report on field work in Maine. PMG
Two Steps Forward – One Step Back Agaiambo E progress and problems. B-17
Operation Sepulchre Research update OS
Rumor Mill Greenland P-38s, Byrd’s Condor RM
Goingzon Hunter hunt for Ed Stead; Connie for sale FS
Dear TIGHAR Letters from members, including Mary Wickham Bond LT
Review and Comments Book review, A Missing Plane RV
Strictly Business Computer needs; Sun ’n’ Fun; financial statements TB
For Sale Beads and trinkets FS
Chuck & Frank’s Garage Bob Gillespie’s Midnight Ghost cartoon. HM
TIGHAR Mission statement MM
Investigative Seminar NASM seminar results PMG
Volume 3, #2
TIGHAR Contents, mission statement, board list MM
The Warbird Dilemma Preservation essay HP
Dear TIGHAR Letters from members and others LT
New Evidence Midnight Ghost stuff PMG
Notes From the Field Expedition XI PMG
One Less Loose End Geoff Hurlbut’s article on flight suits PMG
Black Heart Nungesser’s Coat of Arms PMG
Group Effort Sponsor thanks, and listing of individual help PMG
B-17 Recovery Report on progress (none) B-17
Operation Sepulchre Research progress OS
Historic Aircraft Directory Possibility of computerized directory HP
The Rumor Mill Berry in Montana, cigarette case; Ryan in Arizona PMG/RM
The Aviation Archeologist Flying searches AA
Taking it Personally Funding issues FR
Strictly Business Board and acknowledgements TB
Volume 4, #1
Overview – The Warbird Dilemma II Preservation essay. HP
Dear TIGHAR Preservation comments from members LT
Project Midnight Ghost Overview of the project PMG
Notes From the Field PMG 12 and 13 PMG
Affairs of the Heart PMG Black heart and motto PMG
Is There a French Major in the House? Request for help translating report PMG
L’Oiseau Blanc and the Lindbergh Legacy How the two flights related to each other PMG
Unsolved Mysteries The show about us PMG
Far Side Cartooon: “Early Archeologists” HM
Group Effort PMG fundraising FR
L’Oiseau Blanc Plans of aircraft PMG
Goin’ For It Travis and TIGHAR problems B-17
A Shocking Tail Ju88 tail with swastika OS
Members’ Exploits – Truk Odyssey Alan Olson and Curt Newport MM
Rumor Mill Cincinnati Airacobra; Greenland P-38s RM
Thanks for the Memories Aviation archeologist: Witness testimony AA
Strictly Business TIGHAR move; membership fee up to $35 TB
Volume 4, #2
Overview Editorial on TIGHAR’s future FR
Dear TIGHAR Letters concerning new format LT
Notes From the Field Report on PMG XIV PMG
Group Effort PMG funding PMG
Calvin & Hobbes Archeology cartoon HM
Amelia, Child & Pilot Review of Amelia My Courageous Sister RV/AE
Members’ Exploits B-47 and Ford Tri-Motor in Montana MM
From the Ground Up First offering of course AA
10 in 10 Membership campaign FR
The Case of the Boys in the Bunker Report on Valhalla by Albrecht Weissman OS
The Aviation Archeologist Searching from the air AA
Strictly Business Dues, addresses, etc. TB
Volume 5, #1
Earhart Project Receives Diplomatic Approval Kiribati gives approval to Niku I AE
Cast Your Bread Upon the Waters Influence of the project. PMG
Project Midnight Ghost Notes from the Field XVI PMG
Quick & Dirty News briefs – SYMA RM
Strictly Business New format. First produced on our own computer TB
Volume 5, #2
All Ahead Full Earhart Project update AE
Quick & Dirty Greenland; Wildcat; PMG update RM
Historic Aircraft and Adaptive Use Preservation essay HP
Wooden Witches Review of Donahue’s book RV
Are You Certifiable List of people who have taken course AC
Strictly Business Renewals, directory, course schedule TB
Volume 5, #3
Testing the Hypothesis Departure of first Earhart expedition AE
Project Midnight Ghost PMG XVII announcement PMG
Adaptive Use Preservation and accident losses HP
Strictly Business Renewals, directories, courses TB
Volume 5, #4
Finding Amelia Update on search AE
Quick & Dirty Greenland; PMG 17 announcement RM
Adaptive Use CAF A-20; P-51s HP
Strictly Business Directory; course; orders TB
Volume 5, #5
Artifact Identification & Analysis Bookcase and lighter AE
Project Midnight Ghost PMG 17 report PMG
Research Needed AE – batteries, Sydney crash, J. L. Marks, Noonan AE
Where Does the Money Go Pie chart of TIGHAR finances TB
Strictly Business Tax deductions for members TB

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