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Volume 1 through Volume 5
1985 through 1989
Volume 6 through Volume 10
1990 through 1994
Volume 11 through Volume 15
1995 through 1999
Volume 16 through Volume 20
2000 through 2004
Volume 21 through Volume 25
2005 through 2009
Volume 26 through Volume 30 2010 through 2014
Volume 31 through Volume 35 2015 through 2019
Volume 36 through Volume 40 2020 through 2024
Key to Article Codes  
Issue Title Subject Code
Volume 26 #1
February 2010
Twenty-Five Years History of TIGHAR GH
The Plan for NikuVI Plan for summer field work AE
Approaching the Seven Site Detailed plan for excavation AE
Where is the Electra? Analysis of clues pointing towards aircraft location AE
  What Might We Expect to Find and Where Should We Look for It? Thoughts on bulky objects and where they may have ended up. AE
  Remembering Veryl W. Fenlason Memorial to Veryl GH
  Ric Review the TIGHAR Trilogy Thirteen Bones, AE’s Shoes, and Finding Amelia AE
Volume 26, # 2
July 2010
Niku VI General report on field work AE
Daily Reports Dailies from Niku VI AE
Volume 26, # 3
November 2010
Review and Update Questions and review on the Earhart Project AE
Niku VI Research update AE
Niku VII Announcing next expedition AE
Volume 27, #1
June 2011
Fiji Bone Search III Continued work in Suva looking for bones AE
Amelia Earhart Festival Atchison, Kansas festivities AE
TIGHAR Aviation Archeology Field School B-23 wreck in Idaho AC
Literary Guild II Next book of the trilogy FR
Volume 27, #2
September 2011
TIGHAR Journal 2011 Contents of upcoming major issue AE
Membership changes Announcing Researcher membership MM
Magnetic sticker   MM
Changes in TIGHAR Store   MM
Literary Guild II   FR
Volume 27, #3
October 2011
TIGHAR Journal rescheduled To include radio signals catalog information AE
TIGHAR Researcher More on premiums MM
Members Corner Jay Veith’s new book MM
The Price of Knowledge Research expenses AE
Planning for Niku VII First plans for underwater search AE
The Flying Cement Mixer Work on the Bevington Object AE
À Couer Valliant Project Midnight Ghost summary PMG
TIGHAR Aviation Archeology Field School Report on August school AC
Volume 28
June 2012
Niku VII Expedition Overview Plans for field work AE
Volume 29, #1
March 2013
Niku VII Report on field work, summer 2012 AE
Lessons From a Buffalo What wreckage might look like AE
The Object Formerly Known As Nessie Analysis of the Bevington photo AE
Part No. 41065 Landing gear of the Electra AE
The Dogs That Didn’t Bark People who might have or did see wreckage AE
Time & Tide Analysis of Nikumaroro tide levels AE
Volume 29, #2
May 2013
TIGHAR News: Niku VII Analysis Update Report on field work, summer 2012 AE
Volume 29, #3
June 2013
TIGHAR News: Niku VII Analysis Update Additional reporting on field work, summer 2012 AE
Volume 30, #1
May 2014
The Riddle of Artifact 2-2-V-1 Another look at the sheet aluminum AE
The Team for Niku VIII Team selection process AE
TIGHAR Profiles Tributes to TIGHAR’s members MM
The 1937 Fund Raising money for Niku VIII FR
In The Works Laurie Rubin’s book AE
Volume 30, #2
September 2014
Bad News/Great News Legal proceedings, Niku VIII AE
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