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Volume 1 through Volume 5
1985 through 1989
Volume 6 through Volume 10
1990 through 1994
Volume 11 through Volume 15
1995 through 1999
Volume 16 through Volume 20
2000 through 2004
Volume 21 through Volume 25
2005 through 2009
Volume 26 through Volume 30 2010 through 2014
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Key to Article Codes  
Issue Title Subject Code
Volume 36 #1
February 2020
The Last Days of Amelia Earhart Survival on Nikumaroro AE
Cache & Carry Did AE find the Norwich City supply cache? AE
Legends of the Lost Evaluating eyewitness testimony HP/AE
Volume 36 #2
April 2020
The Wrong Navigator Frederick Noonan’s navigation techniques AE
2-2-V-1 Update Latest research on the aircraft skin AE
Orphans of the Storm Artifact 2-2-V-1a, Wire AE
Volume 36 #3
July 2020
Doppelgänger The Daily Express and NR 16020 AE
Research Update: Artifact 2-2-V-1a Provenance, location, and condition AE
The Dating Game Dating Electra photos AE
Volume 36
Special Edition
September 2020
A special edition with two chapters from the upcoming book, The Earhart Electra, The True Story of the World’s Most Famous Missing Airplane, by Ric Gillespie.  
Chapter 3: The Realization of a Dream Planning and preparation, and delivery of NR16020 AE
Chapter 4: Teething Troubles   AE
Volume 36 #5
October 2020
Book Progress A short remark on the process. AE
Introduction: Changing Mystery to History   AE
Chapter 5: Delay, Desperation, and Deliverance October to December, 1936 AE
Volume 37 #1 February 2021 The Continuing Saga Update on 2-2-V-1. AE
A Tale of a Tail A piece of AE’s Vega’s tail. AE
Chapter 6: House of Cards January and February, 1937. AE
Chapter 7: The Weakest Link March 1937 AE
Volume 37 #2 June 2021 Chapter 8: Formula for Failure April/May, 1937 AE
Volume 37 #3 September 2021 What Happened to the Plane? Searching for the Electra at Nikumaroro AE
Plausible and Testable The reasonable hypothesis. AE
What Happened to Fred? A clue hiding in plain sight. AE
New Miami Photos A new collection from 1937. AE
Volume 38 #1 February 2022 Genesis TIGHAR’s beginnings PMG
The Legend of the Plane in the Pond Moving the search to Newfoundland. PMG
The Newfoundland Expeditions What we’ve done there and why. PMG
A Place to Land Analysis of the route and the Gull Pond PMG
A Bigger Book Update on progress of the next book. AE
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