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Volume 1 through Volume 5
1985 through 1989
Volume 6 through Volume 10
1990 through 1994
Volume 11 through Volume 15
1995 through 1999
Volume 16 through Volume 20
2000 through 2004
Volume 21 through Volume 25
2005 through 2009
Volume 26 through Volume 30 2010 through 2014
Volume 31 through Volume 35 2015 through 2019
Volume 36 through Volume 40 2020 through 2024
Key to Article Codes  
Issue Title Subject Code
Volume 6 #1
XVIII Announcement of PMG 18 PMG
The Strange Case of the Strange Case Cigarette case PMG
Over the Coals Meunier report PMG
Significance of the Magoon Sightings Interviews with Magoons PMG
How to Participate Expedition 18 recruitment PMG
LOiseau Blanc New drawing of plane PMG
Bones Bones story, Floyd Kilts AE
Return to Nikumaroro Volunteers and funding for Niku II AE
Strictly Business l’Oiseau Blanc for decals TB
Volume 6, # 2
Winds Aloft Preservation essay HP
XVIII Departs #18 off to Maine PMG
The Fifth Edition AE book late AE
Dear TIGHAR Letters on P-40 vs. l’Oiseau Blanc LT
Strictly Business Directory ready TB
Volume 6, # 3
Aircraft to Artifact Preservation, announcing seminar in Britain HP
A Banner Year for Scrap Metal Preservation, warbird losses HP
Project Midnight Ghost Report on expedition 18 PMG
The Grail Report on bookcase AE
More on the Lighter Artifact analysis AE
Not Even Close, and Definitely No Cigar Other theories about Earhart AE
No Longer Lost Grumman F3F, Sparrowhawks, P-38s in Greenland, MOF B-17 RM
The Year of the TIGHAR Calendar of events MM
Strictly Business Directories; office furniture donations; aviation magazines donations TB
Volume 6, # 4
Battle of Britain II Report on Hendon seminar HP
The Tough One PMG 19 announcement; report on research PMG
... Nor Any Drop to Drink Dick Evans letter AE
Bookcase Update Research report AE
Is There Life Beyond Earhart? Other projects; funding FR
Strictly Business Thanks to FedEx for furniture; renewals; directories; gift memberships TB
Volume 6, # 5
Neither Fish Nor Fowl Preservation and TIGHAR Guide HP
As We Go To Press Bookcase; Evans; expedition prep. AE
Participating in TIGHAR Expeditions How to qualify for level 3 work MM
Notes from the Field Report on gremlins PMG
This Much We Know Field report on expedition 19 PMG
Wings of the Morning Anson Berry story PMG
So Many Airplanes, So Little Time Project proposals RM
Memphis Bull Review of the remake of Memphis Belle RV
Strictly Business Report on finances TB
Now is the Time for All Good TIGHARs Membership drive FR
California Regional Gathering First regional gathering MM
Volume 7, # 1
The Hands of Mistaken Zeal Restoration as destruction HP
Where is Specialist Palishaw? The Mainz-Finthen story OS
Solving the Case Bookcase AE
Return to Nikumaroro Team photos AE
The Navy, the Macon, and the Law Sparrowhawks off California; some preservation issues RM
Same Song, Second Verse Navy proposal to recover TBD off Florida RM
TIGHAR Project Proposals Querying membership on Bellanca and Doolittle B-25 MM
B-17E 41-2446 Position statement B-17
Strictly Business Letters added to member numbers TB
Volume 7, # 2
Nice Save NASA’s F-106 to VASC HP
The Buried Bombers of Britain Lancasters underground RM
Souvenir Shop 26 Flights Down Greenland P-38s RM
How to Find Old Airplanes Without Leaving Your Work Station George Bush’s TBM RM
The Return to Nikumaroro First team meeting report AE
The Earhart Project Evidence summary AE
Hope for Drowned Airplanes AWM proposal HP
Detoxing Aluminum AWM process HP
The 20th Maine PMG 20 announcement PMG
New Projects Doolittle Raider, Bellanca RM
From TIGHAR HQ Recycled paper, TT offset for punching; directory TB
Volume 7, #3
Flight 19 Returns to Mars Bermuda Triangle and Flight 19 HM
An Aviation Archeological Expedition to the Wilds of Delaware Bellanca survey BL
Expedition Vessel Selected for the Return to Nikumaroro Acania AE
The Darwin Photo Bookcase shot AE
TIGHAR to TIGHAR Graduations, books, ham radio MM
Help Wanted Ad for clerical help TB
Notes from the Field PMG 20 results PMG
The New Breed “When Jimmy finally cleaned his room, he found.... Amelia Earhart” HM
Volume 7, #4
Departure To the wire on funding AE
Columbia Still Sleeps project foiled BL
Drawing a l’Oiseau Blanc PMG progress PMG
Palishaw found progress on project, found Tom Palshaw OS
Doolittle B-25 progress report RM
New Evidence progress and research AE
Evidence, Conclusions and Expectations research summary from 6th edition AE
While We Are Out open for business while gone TB
Four TIGHARs and a Martin Martin B-10 in San Pablo Bay RM
But Not Forgotten Chris Hollinger MM
Apologies sorry we haven’t answered your letters TB
Woodsman Spare That Plane Los Padres forest project HP
TIGHAR new logo TB
The Far Side bigger pith helmet HM
Volume 7, #5
A Promise of Certainty results of expedition AE
The Crash at Sydney Island request for research assistant AE
Pictures From an Expedition photos from the island AE
Books by TIGHARs Wings from Burma to the Himalayas; Ladybirds, the Untold Story of Women Pilots; Aircraft Wrecks in the Mountains and Deserts of California MM/RV
Midnight Ghost Story research PMG
Strictly Business All in the Family, TIGHAR-to-TIGHAR TB
Volume 8, #1/2
We Did It results AE
Artifact 2-2-V-1 aluminum skin AE
Dissent into the Maelstrom various authors pissed off AE
Artifact 2-2-G-7/1-9 shoe parts AE
Lost and Found Chater report AE
TIGHAR in the News Life, NBC, etc. AE
First on the Scene Eric Bevington AE
Nikumaroro, Part III expedition team requirements AE
Bomb in the mailbox art Osborne/DeWitt/Bowman mailing AE
In Appreciation thanks to all who helped AE
Psst .... Buddy! Need a Rivnut? funding offer FR
Hollinger Scholarship Available Chris Hollinger memorial MM
An Open Letter Air Classics editorial LT
Strictly Business orders – pins, models, directories TB
Volume 8, #3
The Beast of Bombay Hook report on winter work on beast HP
Project Midnight Ghost research report PMG
Through the Flak artifact report on aircraft skin and shoes AE
Help Wanted research needed on artifacts AE
Biased Toward the Facts review of NBC show AE
A Zero-Sum Experience Champlin’s adventures in Palau RM
TIGHARs Working thanks for volunteer help MM
Who’s In Charge Here TIGHAR board composition TB
The Fearful Symmetry TIGHAR membership profiles MM
AE Found Alive! Weekly World News head HM
Volume 8, #4
Dear TIGHAR Taylor’s broadside and a reply LT
Agreed Upon Lies about Fred Noonan AE
A Whole New Beach Party Coast Guard story and new photo AE
Artifact Update research and report AE
Doolittle B-25 progress report RM
Los Padres Survey progress report HP
The Beast of Bombay Hook progress report BBH
High Priority Base closings in Germany OS
New Focus change of venue to Newfoundland PMG
Hollinger Scholarship Awarded first scholarship award to Gary Quigg MM
Home Fund Fulfillment new office, with photo FR
Own Your Own Electra sales pitch for models FR
A Great Gathering report on Gathering MM
Calendar of Events items of interest to members MM
Around the World – Florida Hurricane Andrew trashes Kermit Weeks RM
Russia Recovery of rare German types for warbird guys RM
Greenland success in recovering P-38 RM
Aircraft as Artifacts reprint of IATM speech HP
Volume 9, #1
Another Lockheed, Another Island Kingsford Smith in Burma RM
Project Midnight Ghost research progress PMG
A Piece of the Plane in the Pond work in Newfoundland PMG
The Beast of Bombay Hook recovery of wing BBH
The Plan for Niku III plan and team AE
Matching the Markings artifact analysis AE
The Dawn of Reason Naval Institute announcement AE
Going Dutch announcement of course in Netherlands AC
Backfire Air Classics letters and publicity AE
Membership, Stupid campaign MM
Problems and Progress in Pensacola review of the Naval Aviation Museum HP
The Cardiff Lightning P-38s in Greenland, ruined by restoration HP
The Far Side Help! Amelia Earhart cartoon HM
Calendar of Events plans for next year TB
Volume 9, #2
Dear TIGHAR Keyzer-Andre, Pima Electra LT
An Answering Wave Navy search for AE AE
Preparations for Niku III expedition info AE
The Beast of Bombay Hook field work report BBH
Operation Sepulchre rumors and truth concerning Mainz-Finthen OS
Project Midnight Ghost request for chip from French PMG
Naval Engagement report on Annapolis debate AE
Available only from TIGHAR items for sale FR
Incredible Adventures review of Keyzer-Andre book RV
Has the National Air & Space Museum Gone Off Course? overview of NASM restoration policies HP
Blue Side Up cockpit phrases joke HM
Calendar of Events fall/winter MM
Volume 9, #3
Against the Wind why Coli flew east to west PMG
The Gull Pond Chronology report on Newfoundland research PMG
Cosmic Significance 281 North message analysis AE
The Fourth of July, 1937 chronology of the day’s events AE
Common Language – Uncommon People report on the course in the Netherlands AC
Report to the Members – Fiscal Year 1992-1993 pie charts with income and expenses TB
TIGHAR Memo concerning new computer system TB
Everybody Wants to Get Into the Act mini reviews of various print and film interpretations of the AE story RV
The Role of the Replica essay on replicas versus restorations HP
Blue Side Up Jeff Danziger Kennedy conspiracy cartoon HM
Calendar of Events through 1994 TB
Volume 9, #4
The Strange Tale of the White Bird overview of Project Midnight Ghost PMG
Found Objects repor on artifacts and field work PMG
Ship in Sight Ahead possibility of Salmon Seeker as AE expedition ship AE
For Want of a Nail... broken radio antenna theory AE
The 1994 TIGHAR Tithe concept of monthly dues FR
TIGHAR Hard Drive Progress Report money raised for new computers FR
TIGHAR MEMBER decision to go with 3rd class bulk rate TB
Cole Palen Dies obituary RM
It’s Only Television review of American Experience biography RV
Not Worth the Trip analysis of the trip the PNG museum took to New Britain after Earhart sighting AE
TIGHAR Expedition Wisdom wise sayings HM
Calendar of Events, 1994 Jan. through May TB
Volume 10, #1
Donald V. Earnshaw, In Memorium obituary for Don MM
Hit or Myth Earhart Project radio database AE
Lady in Waiting B-17 in New Guinea – Fred Eaton’s death RM
Stuff is Hard to Find Doolittle B-25 in China RM
Now What? St Exupéry’s P-38 RM
As a Matter of Fact Fokker/Fohker joke HM
Looking in the Right Place theories about what happened to the bodies AE
Unfinished Work Progress on Midnight Ghost PMG
Historic Preservation essay and the CRM report by Ed McManus HP
Restoration Myths by Ed McManus HP
Hard Drive Success new computer system, and Bulletin Board MM
Annie Hall Circumnavigates CA Review of Keaton/Hauer film RV
A Novel Approach Lost Star: The Search for Amelia Earhart review RV
Calendar of Events July through October TB
Volume 10, #2
Dead Zone Earhart Project radio research AE
Notes From the Field Expedition XXVII, Newfoundland PMG
David 1, Goliath 0 Quonset Museum’s recovery of F6F RM
You Wait Right Here Kee Bird retrieval RM
The Champlin Fighter Museum review of museum RV
Pima Air & Space Museum review of museum RV
What to Say About Enola Gay? essay on the aircraft and on history HP
How Much Is Left? technical preservation article on Enola Gay HP
Cyber TIGHAR computer bulletin board CBT
An Embarrassed Silence response to O’Leary and Air Classics RM
Calvin and Hobbes “You’re Not Doing the Dance” HM
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