Volume 14, #1
May 1998
Special Friends Department
One of the best things about the Earhart Project is the interest it sparks in children – there’s nothing like a good mystery to get a fourth grader’s attention. On a fairly regular basis, a large packet of mail arrives from an elementary school with letters, poems, and questions about Amelia Earhart and our search. Here are a few of the best.

Dear Mr. Gillespie,
Do you have any information about Amelia Earhart and her plane? I want to know if she was stranded on a island because thats what some people say. I want to find out what really happend. PS. My teacher is reading a book about her.

Your friend,
Katie Browne


Dear Mr. Gillespie
Hi I’m Travis Hostetter. I was wondering if you found any more facts on Amelia Earhart. Did you find any parts of her plane? Do you know what happend to Fred?

Your freind,
Travis H.

Dear Mr. Gillespie,
Do you think she ran out of gas? and the plane went head first and sunk. Maybe she didn’t get no air. Or maybe she couldn’t get out of her seat belt. Let me know.

Your frend,
Adam Cornwell


Dear Mr. Gillespie,
My name is Amy Gregory. My class is reading a biography about Amelia Earhart. I wanted to know how the search was going to find her body and plane. Good Luck.

Your friend,
Amy Gregory

Dear Mr. Gillespie,
I’m sorry that you have not found her yet, but you will find her some day. I know it!

Your new friend,
Jack Figley


Dear Mr. Gillespie,
We read some facts about Amelia. We wanted to know what happened to her. We wanted to know if you found ports of her plane. And I wanted to know if she got a another job when she was there instead of her staying there.

Your friend,
Tiffany Elliott

From the fourth grade class at Uwchlan Hills Elementary, Downingtown, Pennsylvania, some poems.

The Mystery

Amelia Earhart flew,
She crashed and we found part of her shoe.
We almost found her engine but she died so she couldn’t mention
How her plane crashed on that day.
Her plane fell from the sky and landed on a island.
On the sand she lay.
Later we found a lost file,
That said when the sun shone the English found a bone,
That belonged to her co-pilot
Who wore a jumpsuit that was violet.
They both died in the crash.
We have no trace of them.
The flight was going well and then SMASH!
It hit the sand.
Now we’re on a hunch,
A wild goose chase,
Researchers are trying to end the mystery,
And close the case.

– -Mike Bertha


The Aviator

I position my goggles,
and start the engine,
with that, off I go.
The wind in my face,
through the open cockpit.
The wings are long and wide,
with the propeller spinning fast.
I am an aviator.

– Alex Tremblay


Flight is like a mystery,
You never know what’s there.
I so wonder what it’s like,
Soaring through the air.

They say it’s impossible,
To fly like a bird in the sky.
I say “All you need is an imagination.”
They look at me and wonder why.

– Jackie Sharpe



The wind in your face no ground underneath your feet, Flight
Your face in the clouds, you shout, no one hears
Everything is silent you feel like you have conquered the world.
your plane is your throne the sky; your kingdom and the clouds your servants
you may land your body a million times, but your spirit will never fall.

– Jessica Sabato


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