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2-8-S-1 and 2-6-S-18
Mondaine compact purchased from e-bay.
  • A small, thin shard of flat glass with a beveled edge found in 2007 during Niku V.
  • Fits with 2-6-S-18.

From a newspaper account of Earhart's arrival in Darwin, 29 June 1937: "Tall and slight, with sun-tanned complexion, tousled hair, and a ready smile, Mrs. Putnam was dressed in long brown slacks and an open-necked checked shirt. Her navigator, Captain Fred J. Noonan, began to move from the cockpit of the machine--'the flying laboratory'--as the engines were shut off. But Mrs. Putnam pulled him back. Then, nonchalantly producing a puff, she powdered her nose before stepping out of the cockpit to wave cheerily to the crowd. Her slide down the wing to the ground followed"[1]

It appears that Earhart was still carrying a compact at this point in the World Flight--four days before the takeoff from Lae on 2 July 1937.

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