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8 S 18.jpg
  • A small, thin shard of flat glass with a beveled edge found in 2001 during Niku IIII.
  • Fits with 2-8-S-1.


  • length: 2.72 x 2.76 x 2.51 in.
  • thickness: 0.06 in.
  • weight: 0.30 oz.


Colorless, broken, flat plate glass fragment, triangular in shape with one manufactured edge. The glass fragment was exposed on one surface to the sun for a long time, resulting in an iridescent patina on that surface. No such patina is present on the opposite surface. The thin, uniform thickness of the plate glass suggests that is was a window or casing of some kind. There are small microflake scars on the fractured edges, but these are commonly created during bending fracture, as adjacent edges of the glass make contact during breakage. Examination of the edges under magnification by a stereo zoom microscope ranging from approximately 20x–200x failed to reveal any small striations or evidence of contact between glass and hard materials.

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