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What You Think

We asked you to Tell Us What You Think about the National Geographic special “Expedition Amelia” that aired Sunday, October 20.

Your responses were overwhelmingly positive. We have excerpted, but not altered them. Negative comments about TIGHAR have not been omitted; there just weren’t any. To respect your privacy, no names are included, but comments from TIGHAR members have been identified. Our objective is to present an honest sampling of reactions to the show. Enjoy.

31 responses, 10 from TIGHAR members.

I have followed your group's work in the search for Amelia Earhart since the mid-90s. Just watched “Expedition Amelia” and I have just one thing to say …. EXCELLENT !

From a TIGHAR member:

The National Geographic program tonight was a great credit to TIGHAR and is sure to increase interest in your work. Congratulations.

“The documentary was well done, giving full credit to Tighar for building a very strong evidence-based case for the Gardner Island hypothesis. Ballard and his team made an exceptional effort and were obviously highly motivated to have their research end with a positive and decisive discovery. Ballard is the best in the business, but he would not have gone out to the island were it not for the great work of TIGHAR.“

From a TIGHAR member:

“Was the show what you expected?”

Actually, it exceeded my expectations. I was worried it would be too inaccurate or too sensationalized, as is the case with so much reality TV these days.

I was pleased with how they portrayed Amelia, devoting a lot of time to showing who she was, how she lived her life, and all her accomplishments. I was worried they would spend too much time on alternate “theories” and not enough time mentioning TIGHAR's work.

And the historical footage was wonderful, some of it I'd never seen before. Also loved the footage from Niku showing the ren tree and the coconut crabs. They also did a good job talking about the Bevington object and how it matched the landing gear from the Hawai‘i groundloop and that the State Dept was involved.

Also pleased that they pronounced most of the proper names correctly (I was preparing to cringe), except for the shipwreck, but that's a minor thing.


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