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  Contract Services
Gillam Crash Site Survey
  Gillam Crash Site Survey, Introduction
  Gillam Crash Site Survey, Purpose
  Gillam Crash Site Survey, Background
  Gillam Crash Site Survey, Field Work
  Gillam Crash Site Survey, Site Description
  Gillam Crash Site Survey, Parts Recovered
  Gillam Crash Site Survey, Interpretation
  Gillam Crash Site Survey, Research Results
  Gillam Crash Site Survey, Eligibility
  Gillam Crash Site Survey, Acknowledgements
  Gillam Crash Site Survey, Bibliography
  Gillam Crash Site Survey, Appendix 1
  Gillam Crash Site Survey, Appendix 2
  Gillam Crash Site Survey, Appendix 3
  Gillam Crash Site Survey, Appendix 4
  Gillam Crash Site Survey, Appendix 5
Kellogg Crash Site Survey
  Kellogg Crash Site Survey, Introduction
  Kellogg Crash Site Survey, Background Research
  Kellogg Crash Site Survey, Fieldwork
  Kellogg Crash Site Survey, Site Description
  Kellogg Crash Site Survey, Aircraft Parts
  Kellogg Crash Site Survey, Interpretation
  Kellogg Crash Site Survey, Research Results
  Kellogg Crash Site Survey, Bibliography
  Kellogg Crash Site Survey, Lux Airplane Fire System
Rapid Recording of Crash Sites
  Rapid Recording, Kellogg
  Rapid Recording, Gillam and Yap
  Rapid Recording, Maid of Harlech
  Rapid Recording, Bibliography
Yap Site Survey
  Yap, Introduction
  Yap, Appendix
  Yap, Site 1
  Yap, Site 2
  Yap, Site 3
  Yap, Site 4
  Yap, Site 5
  Yap, Site 6
  Yap, Site 7
  Yap, Conclusions
  Yap, Appendix page 2
  Yap, Appendix page 3
  Yap, Additional
TIGHAR Speakers
  TIGHAR Speakers
TIGHAR Projects List
Operation Sepulchre
Take Off Video
To Save a Devastator
  To Save a Devastator
  Unsung Hero
  The Jaluit Raid
  The Next Phase
  Jaluit Survey Report
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  An Urgent Recommendation
  Devastator Films
  Japanese Aircraft
  American Aircraft
  American Aircraft, page 2
The Earhart Project
  The Earhart Project Home Page
  The Earhart Project, a Thirty Second Summary
  The Earhart Project: Niku 7
  The Earhart Project, a Two Minute Summary
  Current Research
  Earhart's Last Takeoff
  The Earhart Project: Solomons Research
The Earhart Project Archives
Finding Aid to the Earhart Project Archive, by Name
Finding Aid to the Earhart Project Archive, by Subject
Book Reviews
Book Reviews
Amelia Earhart’s Shoes
I Was Amelia Earhart
Hidden Latitudes
Long Book Review
Amelia Earhart Survived
Thirteen Bones
Historical Documents
  Documents Index
  The Chater Report
  The Lambrecht Photo
  An Answering Wave – An Article From Naval Institute Proceedings
  A Letter to Gallagher
  Dr. MacPherson’s Report on Gallagher’s Death
  Lambrecht’s Report on the Colorado Search
  Friedell’s Report on the Colorado Search
  James A. Collopy’s Letter
  Luke Field Inventory; Luke Field Explanations
  Kelly Johnson Telegrams
  Eric Bevington’s Journal
  A Chronology of the Discovery and Analysis of the Bones
  Bones Timeline
  Bones Chronology page 2
  Bones Chronology page 3
  Bones Chronology page 4
  Bones Chronology page 5
  Gallagher’s 9th Progress Report
  Gallagher’s 8th Progress Report
  The Floyd Kilts Story
  The Brines Letter
  The Brines Letter
  Brines letter, page 1
  Brines Letter, page 2
  Brines letter, page 3
Betty’s Notebook
  Betty’s Notebook
  Page 35
  Page 38
  Page 44
  Page 49
  Page 51
  Page 53
  Page 55
  Page 57
The Colorado Lookout
  The Colorado Lookout
  Lookout page 1
  Colorado Lookout page 2
  Lookout page 3
  Lookout page 4
  Lookout page 5
  Lookout page 6
  Lookout page 7
  Lookout page 8
  Gerald Gallagher’s Personal Effects
  Gerald Gallagher’s Personal Effects, Household Inventory
  Gerald Gallagher’s Personal Effects, Packing List
The Wreck of the Norwich City
  The Wreck of the Norwich City – Court of Inquiry
  Statement of J.H. Swindell
  Statement of Daniel Hamer, Master
  Statutory Declaration of J.H. Swindell
  Report of T. Thomas, First Officer
  Board of Trade letter
A Letter Home from Sid Harvey
  A Letter Home From Sid Harvey
  The Envelope
  Page 1
  Page 2
  Page 3
  Page 4
  A Gallagher Gallery
The Hooven Report
  The Hooven Report
An Avalanche of Psychics
  An Avalanche of Psychics
New Zealand Pacific Aviation Survey Report
  New Zealand Survey General Report
  Pacific Islands Survey: Maps and Photos
  Pacific Islands Survey: Gardner Island
  Tying Off
  Landing and Water
  Tent City
  The Survey Party
  The Colonists
  Island and Camp
M. H. Hay's Journal
  M.H. Hay’s Journal
  “Nikumaroro” by P. B. Laxton
  “The Colonization of the Phoenix Islands” by Harry Maude
The Helen Day Letter Collection
  The Helen Day Letters
  The Helen Day Letters: Karachi
  The Helen Day Letters: Bandoeng
  The Helen Day Letters: Koepang
  Fortaleza Pg. 1
  Fortaleza Pg. 2
  Fortaleza Pg. 3
  Fortaleza Pg. 4
  Fortaleza Pg. 5
  Bandoeng Pg. 1
  Bandoeng Pg. 2
  Bandoeng Pg. 3
  Bandoeng Pg. 4
  Koepang Pg. 1
  Koepang Pg. 2
  Koepang Pg. 3
  Koepang Pg. 4
  Koepang Pg. 5
  Koepang Pg. 6
  Koepang Pg. 7
The NTSB Report on 2-2-V-1
 The NTSB Report on 2-2-V-1
The Luke Field Crash Report
  The Luke Field Crash Report
  Exhibit B
  Exhibit C
  Exhibit D
  Exhibit E
  Exhibit F
  Exhibit G
  Exhibit H
  Exhibit I
  Exhibit J
  Exhibit K
  Exhibit N
The PanAm Memos
  The Pan American Airways Memos
  PanAm Wake
  PanAm Midway
  PanAm Alameda
  PanAm Honolulu
The Carey Diary
  The Carey Diary
  The Carey Diary, Page 1
  The Carey Diary, Page 2
  The Carey Diary, Page 3
  The Carey Diary, Page 4
  The Carey Diary, Page 5
  The Carey Diary, Page 6
  The Carey Diary, Page 7
  The Carey Diary, Page 8
  The Carey Diary, Page 9
  The Carey Diary, Page 10
  The Carey Diary, Page 11
  The Carey Diary, Page 12
  The Carey Diary, Page 13
  The Carey Diary, Page 14
  The Carey Diary, Page 15
  The Carey Diary, Page 16
  The Carey Diary, Page 17
  The Carey Diary, Page 18
  The Carey Diary, Page 19
The Carey Photos
  The Carey Photos
  Photos 1 & 2
  Photos 3 & 4
  Photo 5
  Photos 6 & 7
  Photos 8 & 9
  Photo 10
  Photo 11
  Photos 12 & 13
  Photos 14 & 15
  Photos 16 & 17
  Photo 18
The Carey Article
  The Carey Article
  The Carey Article, p. 1
  The Carey Article, p. 2
  The Carey Article, p. 3
  The Carey Article, p. 4
  The Carey Article, p. 5
  The Carey Article, p. 6
  The Carey Article, p. 7
  The Carey Article, p. 8
  The Carey Article, p. 9
  The Carey Article, p. 10
  The Carey Article, Envelope
  The Carey Article, Flash
  The Carey Article, Published
The Cooper Report
  The Cooper Report
The Pearson Paper
  The Pearson Paper
Lee & Pearson, Background Materials
  Lee and Pearson
Lockheed Report 487: Range Study
  Report 487
  Letters Index
    Cone Putnam6
    Earhart Johnson2
    Bastado Putnam7
    King Ballantine
    Wynne Short
    True MacIntyre
    Boutelle Putnam8
    Hampton1 Abbott
    Putnam1 Kenner
    Putnam2 Farley
    Southgate Lankford
    Johnson1 Johnson, I.
    Putnam3 Paxton
    Noonan1 Lambrecht
    Waesche Goerner1
    Hampton2 Yau Fai Lum
    Noonan2 Duncklee
    Putnam4 Goerner2
    Hampton3 Tofinga
  Logs Index
    Ship’s Log, U.S.S. Colorado
    USCGC Itasca Deck Log
    Itasca Radio Log, Position 1
    Itasca Radio Log, Position 2
    Howland Island Radio Log
  Reports Index
    PanAm Memo
    Aircraft Inspection Report
    Black Tenth Cruise Report
    Kamakaiwi Journal
    Colorado News Sheets
    Radio Transcripts Earhart Flight
    Report of Earhart Search
    Cruise Report, USCGC Itasca
    Report of Earhart Search Operations
    Report of Earhart Search
    Report from H.M.S. Leith
    Maude Report
    USCG Report on PanAm Plan
  Earhart Project Expeditions
  NIKU III: Once and for All
The Solomon Islands Expedition
  The Solomon Islands Expedition
  The Solomon Islands Expedition Photos
  The Solomon Islands Expedition Photos
  The Solomon Islands Expedition Photos
  The Solomon Islands Expedition Photos
  The Solomon Islands Expedition Photos
  The Solomon Islands Expedition Photos
  The Solomon Islands Expedition Photos
  The Solomon Islands Expedition Photos
  A Summary of Niku IIII
  Niku IIII Dailies, Week 1
  Niku IIII Dailies, Week 2
  Niku IIII Dailies, Week 3
Niku VP
  Niku Vp
  Daily Expedition Reports, Niku Vp
  Fiji Bone Search II
Niku V
  Niku V
  The Niku V Plan
  The Niku V Field Team
  Niku V Grid Map Set
  Niku V Press Kit
  Daily Expedition Reports, July 14 thru 20
  Daily Expedition Reports, July 21 through 27
  Daily Expedition Reports, July 28 through August 3
Niku V Analysis and Reports
  Niku V: Research & Analysis
Beige Stuff
  Niku V: Research & Analysis: Beige Stuff
  Niku V: Research & Analysis: Bottle and Glass
Compact 4 pages
  Niku V: Research & Analysis: Possible Cosmetic
  Niku V: Research & Analysis: Metal Fragment
  Report 71.pdf
  Report 88.pdf
  Niku V: Research & Analysis: Faunals
  Niku V: Research & Analysis: Faunals, 2
  Niku V: Research & Analysis: Faunals, Appendices
Metal and Glass
  Niku V: Research & Analysis: Metal and Glass
  Niku V: Zipper Analysis
  Attachment A, page 1
  Attachment B, page 1
  Attachment C page 1
  Attachment D page 1
  Attachment E page 1
  Attachment A, page 2
  Attachment A, page 3
  Attachment B, page 2
  Attachment C page 2
  Attachment D page 2
  Attachment D page 3
  Attachment D page 4
  Attachment E page 2
Niku V Photo Gallery
  Niku V Photo Gallery
  The Crew
  Serving Kava
Getting There
  Getting There
  Loading Up
  Ric and Flags
  Flying the Flag
  On the Horizon
  Howard Alldred
  Howard at EPAC
  Leaving Samoa
  Howard on the Mountain
  Howard on Niku
  Ties to Memory
  A Tie For Howard
The Island
  The Island
  The Landing Channel
  Lagoon Squall
  A Tropical Paradise
  A Rainbow
The Norwich City
  The Norwich City Gallery
  The Norwich City
  The Keel
  Memorial Plaque
Seven Site
  The Seven Site
  Seven Site
  100 CM
  Unit Excavation
  The Taphonomy Experiment
  Pig Prep
  Day One
  Mark in the Tree
  Pig and Crabs
  Day Seven
  Day Thirteen
  The Team
  Jungle Guys
  Lagoon Surfing
  Lonnie and Barb
  Part of the Group
  The Village
  Radio Shack
  Clearing the Site
  Hanging Screen
  Village Artifacts
  The Wildlife
  Coconut Crab
  Masked Boobies
  Moray Eels
  Tropic Bird
Buy the Photo CD
  Best of Niku V
Press Photos
  Niku V Press Kit
Niku VI
  Niku VI Overview
  Niku VI Plan
  Niku VI Participation
  Sponsor Team Members
  Approaching the Seven Site
  Niku VI Results
  Niku VI Daily Reports Week 1
  Niku VI Daily Reports Week 2
  Niku VI Daily Reports, Week 3
  Niku V Grid Map Set
  Donate to Niku VI
The Earhart Project Forum
  The Earhart Forum
  Archived Forum Highlights 2001 Page 2
  Archived Forum Highlights 2001 Page 1
  Archived Forum Highlights 2000
  Archived Forum Highlights 1999
  Archived Forum Highlights 1998
Forum FAQs
  Forum FAQs
  Love to Mother
  Occam’s Razor
  Biographies of Earhart
  Earhart as a Pilot
  Contingency Plans
  Fred Noonan
  Aircraft Specs
  Fuel at Takeoff
  Floating Electra
  Existing Electras
  Noonan’s Navigation
  Navigation FAQ
  Offset Navigation
  World Flight Route
  Radio Signals
  Newspaper Accounts
  Itasca Smoke
  The Colorado’s Role
  Landing at Gardner
  First Clues
  Where Did They Land?
  Reef Landing
  Pieces of An Airplane
  Tides at Nikumaroro
  Niku’s Shipwreck
  Why Didn’t They See It?
  The British Exploratory Expedition
  The NZ Party
  Bushnell Survey
  Running Out of Gas
  The Noonan Document
  Elgen Long’s Theory
  The Morgenthau Transcript
  Japanese Custody
  Accessing the Archives
  Earhart Myths
Forum Text Archives
  Forum Archives List
Forum Highlights 1–20
  Nauru Overflight, Life on Gardner Island, PanAm Archives
  Fountain Pens, The Sydney Island Crash, Can Label
  Canton Photos, Antennas and Stuff
  Bone Detecting, Wreck Photo Progress
  Radios, Canton
Radio Stuff, Goerner Papers
  Goerner Message, Kanawa Point
  The Southeast Corner, AE Survival, Canton Island
  Bone Discovery, Sextant Boxes, Forensic Anthropology
  Back to the Gilberts, Bones, Sextants
  New Canton Info, Castaways
  Wreck Photo Discussion
  Niku Wreck, England Research Report
  Corks, England Trip
  Sextant Boxes, Harold Garry, Ockham’s Razor
  Sextant Boxes Revisited, HF/DF, Historic Preservation
  ROV Deployment, HF/DF, Historic Preservation
  Historic Preservation, Sextants Reprise, Why We Search
  Noonan and Radio, Brains Wanted, Wreck Photo
  Responsibility, DF Frequencies, Noonan Memo, Coconuts
Highlights 21–40
  HF/DF, History Channel Show, More Radios
  Radio Log, Chronometers, Whistling
  Technological Advances, Speculation, Another Mystery
  Earhart's Performance, Use of Scuba, Post Crash Radio Contact
  Remote Viewing, Tides, Radios, History Channel Show
  Colorado Search, 281 Message, Aim-Off Naviation, Tides at Niku
  Tides at Niku, Wreck Photo, New Mystery
  Radio at Niku, How Old Were the Shoes, Message in a Bottle, Friendly Americans
  Radios, Messages in Bottle, How Old Were the Shoes
  Searching Niku, Aluminum, Deep Water Searches, Looking for Gallagher
  Gallagher, Bones on Niku, More on Gallagher
  Where'd the Airplane Go, Dogs, Cannibals
  Lost Wreckage, Sextant Box Redux, The Voyage of the Buttonwood, Clancys and Gallaghers
  Buttonwood Mysteries, More News About Ruby, Buttonwood–It Gets Better
  Excavating the Kanton Engine, Priorities, What's the Best Evidence, Messages in Bottles
  Messages in Bottles, Buttonwood Itinerary, Location of Bones, Why Not Take Off
  Pacific Tension, Location of Bones, What’s a Dado, Radio and Landing Gear
  Wreck Photo, Battery Life, Lost Squadron
  Time Zone Headaches, The Eighth Edition Plane, Fiji Bone Search
  Fiji Bone Search, Niku Trash, Updates
Highlights 41–60
  2-2-V-1, The Admiral Day, M-130 Wreck
  Noonan’s Children, Logs and Journals? Expedition Results
  Gardner Island Surveys, News From the Fiji Team, Update on Gallagher Info
  Reports from Fiji, Wreck Photo Questions
  Message Intercepts, Comments on Fiji Reports, Loose Threads
  Sunrise and Sun Lines, Report From Fiji, Report from Niku
  Japanese Search for AE; Navigation, Radios, and the Coast Guard; Why Go Eastward?
  Basic Premises, Emily’s Story, Expedition Report
  Expeditions, The Great Fuel Debate, Scientific Truth, Winds
  Expedition Report, Part 2-1; How blucher oxfords get to Niku; LOP Demystified; Bendix DF?
  Electra Structure, Shoes, and the LOP
  LOPs, The Rules, Harold Gatty
  More on Gatty, Europeans on Niku, Native Recollections
  Power for the Electra, the Nutiran Reef, Radios on Airplanes, Wreckage on the Reef
  Reef Landing, Tidal Data, AE’s Flying Skills, Questions for Loran Vets
  Azimuth Circles, William Stewart & AE, Weems School of Navigation
  Tidal Date, Lambrecht Photo, Reef Debris, Vibracorders
  Noonan’s Navigation, The Smoking Gun, Carrier Waves, Fire Extinguishers
  Electra Fuel Range, Ghost Electra?, Pyrene Fire Extinguishers, New Analysis
  8.5%, Ship Movements, Electra Antennas
Highlights 61–80
  Patch 2-2-V-1, Post Lost Radio Messages, Radio and Skip, Plan B
  B-18 Fit, Crawling over the Phoenix Islands, Forensic Imaging, Harry Maude on Gardner
  Norwich City, Harry Maude, Islander Perception, The Timmer Expedition
  Fire Extinguishers, Survivors’ Camp, Fuel Exhaustion
  Ditching, Navigation, Preservation
  LOP, Navigation, Sun Lines, Preservation
  LOP, Navigation, Sunrise, Sextant Boxes, Prop Strikes
  MYSTic Musings, Fuel Consumption, Electra Range, Monte Carlo Sims
  Lockheed Technical Data, Fuel Consumption Assumptions, 10 Miles or 100? Radio Communications, Decomposition
  Itasca’s Smoke, Noonan’s Sextant, More on Noonan’s Navigation
  Alternates, Gallagher, Bottles and Corks, Gallagher’s List of Clues
  Gallagher’s Site, Women’s Size 10?, The 1996 Site
  Trapped Fuel, Radar to Find Metal? The Mystery of the Bottle, Amelia “Crusoe” Earhart
  Carbon Dating, Lambrecht’s Photo, Two Shoe Sizes? Amelia’s Voice
  Blowing Tubes, Authenticating Photos, Earhart’s Last Transmission
  The Wreck Photo; Wreckage in General; The New Bulletin; The Windward Shore
  Trails; The Yacht Yankee; Artifacts at the 7; A New Eyewitness; Bevington’s Recollections
  Ground Loop; Wreck Photo; The Cook, the Castaway, and the Aviator; Variable Pitch Props
  John Mims and the Fish Story; Why Wasn’t Gallagher Told? The U.S. Navy Search Ops; 6210 Instead of 3105
  Info Sources; The Bevington Photo; Deception; Same Shoes? Electra Range
Highlights 81–100
  More Thoughts on 10E Performance, Noonan Project, The Age of Bones, Lae Take-off
  Endurance vs. Range; Gallagher’s Radio; Maude’s Journals; Fuel Management; Gallagher’s Clues
  Asbestos and the Loran station, Fuel Enough for Gardner, The Null Hypothesis, “Evidence”
  Thinking about the 10E Performance; Gallagher’s Description of Skeletal Remains; Octane, Performance, and Fuel Economy
  More Thoughts on 10E Performance, Noonan Project, The Age of Bones, Lae Take-off
  The Seven Site; Earhart Radio Signals; Gallagher’s Reports; Plan for Niku IV
  Gardner Communications; Lagoon Passages; Contingency Plans
  Island Communications, Timelines, Manuals, Survivors’ Camp
  Drums (Fuel or Otherwise); Search Sites; More From Reineck; Fijian Coup
  Coup in Fiji; Carl Sagan; Buttonwood Report; Baloney Detection Kit
  Lockheed 10A Rides; Post-Loss Radio Signals: Computer Modeling; Floyd Kilts
  Warren’s Hypothesis; Secret? Navy?; Commentary on Kilts; Coral is a Beach; Morgenthau
  Russian Roulette; Morgenthau Speculation; Belly Antennas; AE & DF
  Frequencies at Lae; AE & DF; Earhart’s Radios; The Belly Antenna Question
  Long’s Photo of the Bendix Radio Control Box; Lost Star Photos; Button Found on Niku; Gurr and the RA-1
  Coast Guard Buttons; Warning to New Guys; Noonan Project Leads
  Secret Navy Files; Help in New Zealand; Curvatures and Ceramic Sherds
  Curvatures; Why a Light?; Fred Noonan & PanAm; The Seven Site; Gallagher’s 7 Site House
  Tarpaper and Roll Roofing; Evidence at the 7 Site; Screening; Second Skeleton
  More Radio Stuff; Antenna Lost on Take-Off? The Seven Site; Flood at the Seven Site? Lambrecht’s View
  Wandering Around; Seven Site; Earhart’s Radios; The Overwash Question; Shipboard DF
Highlights 101–120
  Norwich City: Transmitters and Harmonics; Broadly Applicable Tides?
  Betty’s Story vs. Photographs; LOP; Pilot Question
  Antenna Simulations; Who Visited Gardner; Kites
  W40K; Manta Boards; Birch Matthews
  Takeoff Distances; Gerald Gallagher; The Lae Takeoff; Earhart’s Abilities
  Expedition Plans; Manning; Earhart/Putnam Finances
  Tides and Storms; The Notebook; Post-Loss Reception: Films and Songs
  The Signal Goes ’Round; Transmitter Questions; Authentication of Notebook; Other Letters
  Norwich City; Pacific Air Pilot; Wyoming Messages; Fuel/Radio
  Back to the Gilberts; Testing Plan B; More on Radios; Searching for Howland
  Proving Negatives; Antennas and Propagation; Vee Antenna; Kite Antennas
  Antenna & Propagation Simulation; Position Reports; W40K; Manta Boards
  Speculation Time; WOJ Redux; Malice and Stupidity; WX Forecasts
  Antennas Some More, Another Deep Sea Search, Wreckage Recovery, Site Security
  Radios and Antennas; Folklore; The Brines Letter; Contingency Plans; Damaged Pitots
  Lae Takeoff Video; Radios; Brines Letter; Vidal Papers; Hangovers
  Hypothesis Recapped; Did AE Leave Her Key Behind?; The Gilberts; Fuel Reserves
  The 281 Message; Electra Performance; The Point of the Project
  Earhart’s Log; Dr. Hoodless; Radio Ramblings; Expedition Plans
  Separate Receivers; Expectation of Rescue; Something New; Post-Loss Messages
  Betty’s Notebook; 10E Cruise performance Data; Local Noon Calculation
  Wyoming Messages; Bearing and Distance; Harmonics
  Batteries and Generators; Could AE hear KGMB?; Vidal Collection; Earhart’s Receiver
  Shortening the Antenna; Proving a Negative; Rescue from Niku; Back to the Gilberts
  Electra’s Vee Antenna; Compass Points; Antenna and Propagation; Navigation Discussion
  Interview with Betty; Ontario Position; Occult References; Recognizing AE’s Voice
  Betty Hears Earhart?; The Colorado Lookout; Gardner Island Store
  Gardner Island Store; Pacific Island Shoes; Zenith Radios; Gyrocompass & Autopilot
  The ’chutes in Darwin; Benevolent Dictators; Key Aboard the Airplane?; Sources of Shoes
  American Jesuits; No Key Aboard the Airplane; The Shoes, Details
  Shoes; McGuffin and the Smoking Gun; Reineck’s Observation; The Nine-Hour Silence
  DNA; Smoking Guns; Landing Gear; Top Three Reasons
  Top Three Reasons; Satellite Photos; Radio Propagation; Castaways
Highlights 121–140
  Great Circle; Warships in the Marshalls; Koshu and Kamoi
  LOP Logic; Lagoon Deposit; FN’s Navigation
  Satellite Photos; Radio Propagation; Secret Bones
  Pre- & Post-Loss Transmissions; Ships that Weren’t There; Metal Fragments
  Synthetic Aperture Radar; Fred’s Head Wound; Canton Squadrons and Losses
  Bones Search; Amelia’s Powerplants; The Voyage of the Viti
  The Voyage of the Viti; PAA Clippers; Fred’s Bad Navigation Habits
  Catholic Koata; Noonan’s Capabilities; Reflections
  Itasca’s Initial Search; 1 N by 177 W; Half Hour Gas
  Probability of Success; Going in Great Circles; Harmonics; The Wreck of the Canton
  FN’s Navigation, 200 or 100?, LOP DR Comparison
  Offset or No Offset? Cat’s Paw Heels; News About Amelia Search
  Cat’s Paw Rubber; The Hiller Forum; Speeding Up for a Headwind?; Fuel Consumption; Fuel Expansion
  Fuel Consumption; Received Signal Strengths; Reports From Tarawa; Assumptions
  Headwinds; Gas Is Running Low; To Ditch or Not to Ditch? Bones on the Beach
  HMS Achilles; How Did it Start? Low Fuel; Paying Dues
  Evidence; Membership Campaign; Watching and Waiting
  Whose Mother? Imagery Acquired; New Shoe Thoughts
  Info On Apia; Static; Whose Mother Update; Myth and Legend
  Jewel of the Sea; What’s in a Name? Sir Harry Luke
  Prolonged Isolation; Radio-Craft Article; Staying with the Aircraft; The Old Trail
  Post-Loss Messages; Metal Detectors
Highlights 141–160
  What's In a Name; Objects on the Reef; Finger Food
  Radio Difficulties; Niku Reef Edge
  Exploring the Reef Edge; Great Exploration Hoaxes; False Memories
  Eleven Minute Gap? LOP Speculation; News From the Linnix
  Left Turn on the LOP; LOP Speculation
  Searches of Niku; Groundloops; Coaxial Cables; Poachers
  The Gallagher File; No Mention of Gardner? Canton Engine; Canton Pilot Search; Report From the Expedition
  Reports from the Expedition; Island vs. Atoll; Tatiman Passage
  Reports from the Expedition; Crabs and Castaways; Amelia’s Shoes
  Reports from the Expedition; Recent Habitation; Lambrecht Search
  Final Episode; Land Fall; Alternate Plans
  Early Phoenix Theories; Distance From Howland; LOP Again
  Rain; Bones; Folklore Research; Signal Strengths and Distance
  Signal Strength Quantifiers; Reef Landing; Dental Records; Winslow Reef
Photo Gallery
  Earhart Project Photo List
  Niku Aerial Photo
  Nikumaroro Scaevola
  Nikumaroro Jungle
  Nikumaroro Channel
  Nikumaroro Lagoon
  Electra at Burbank
  Electra Airborne
  Earhart and Putnam
  Fred Noonan
  Earhart in Cockpit
  Map Index
  Flight Route Map
  Map of the Phoenix Islands
  Map of Nikumaroro
  LOP Map
  McKean Island
  Kanton Island
  Enderbury Island
  Birnie Island
  Rawaki Island
  Manra Island
  Orona Island
Bulletins Index
1. The Castaway of Gardner Island
2. Photographic Proof or Wishful Thinking?
3. Search for the Canton Engine
4. Results of Kanton Island Mission
5. Skull-Duggery
6. AE Search Conference Report
7. The Crash at Sydney Island
8. Dating the Label Fragment
9. Fred Noonan, Sea Captain
10. Wreck Photo Update
11. Amelia Earhart's Bones and Shoes?
12. The Sextant Box Mystery
13. Niku IIIIP Expedition Report, Part 1
14. Niku IIIIP Expedition Report: Fiji Bones Search
Niku IIIIP Expedition Report: The Carpenter's Daughter
Evaluating Emily
16. Forensic Imaging Project I
17. Forensic Imaging Preliminary Results
18. The Fire Extinguisher--Worth a Closer Look
19. Forensic Imaging Project II
20. The Lost Antenna
21. Signs of Recent Habitation?
22. Gallagher's Clues
23. The "7" Site
24. Landing on the Reef
25. Gallagher of Nikumaroro
26. The Lost Antenna II
27. A Lae Gallery
28. Evaluating Betty's Notebook
29. Artifact Report: Shoe Parts
  Biltrite Cover Letter
  Biltrite Report, page 1
  Biltrite Report, page 2
  Biltrite Report page 3
  Map of Nikumaroro
  Distribution Plot
  Distribution Plot, Detail
30. Could Betty Have Heard Earhart on a Harmonic?
  Figure 1, Configuration of Betty's Antenna
  Table 1
  Table 2
  Table 3
  Table 4
  Table 5
31. Artifact Report: Shoe Parts, Part 2
  Shoe Opinion
  Heel Opinion
Nikumaroro Satellite Photo
Nikumaroro Satellite Photo page 2
33. Mysteries of the Seven Site
  Is There Evidence of a Castaway?
  Does the Site Fit Gallagher's Description?
  The End of the Trail
  Artifact 2-6-S-21a -- Glass Shard
  Artifact 2-6-S-21a -- Glass Shard
  Artifact 2-6-S-21b -- Glass Shard
  Artifact 2-6-S-21b -- Glass Shard
  Artifact 2-6-S-16 -- Glass Shard
  Artifact 2-6-S-16 -- Glass Shard
  Artifact 2-6-S-18 -- Glass Shard
  Artifact 2-6-S-18 -- Glass Shard
  Artifact 2-6-S-12 -- Ferrous Object
  Artifact 2-6-S-12 -- Ferrous Object
  Turtle Bones
  Ren Tree
  Clam Feature
  Clam Bed
  1938 Trails
  Hole Before Excavation
  Excavated Hole
34. The Race to Find Amelia
35. Titanic vs. Electra | Flight Radius
36. Artifact Analysis, Step 2
37. The Radio Logs of the USCGC Itasca
  PDFs of Itasca Logs
  Itasca Radio Room Plan
  Radio Traffic
  An Analysis of the 0843 Message
  Position One, Page One
  Position One, Page Two
  Position One, Page Three
  Position Two, Page 1
  Position Two, Page Two
  Position Two, Page Three
38. Secrets of the Knob
  Secrets of the Knob, Symbol 12
  Secrets of the Knob, Symbol 13
  Secrets of the Knob, Symbol 14
  Secrets of the Knob, Symbol 15
  Secrets of the Knob, Symbol 16
  Secrets of the Knob, Symbol 17
  Secrets of the Knob, Symbol 18
  Secrets of the Knob, Letter of Opinion
39. The Knob That Wasn't: A Firm I.D. on the Knob
40. Breaking News: Niku VP
41. The Wheel of Fortune
42. Final Report on Fiji Bone Search II
43. The Dado, Part I
44. Dados Galore | Station Diagram, Lockheed Electra
45. Earhart On Tinian?
46. A Moveable Feast: The Crab Experiment
47. Katagateman
48. Artifact Report: Shoe Parts, Part 3
49. Last Words
50. Bombing the Bridge to the Marshalls
51. Heat Shields: A Detective Story
52. A Numbers Game, Preface | A Numbers Game
53. The "Miami" Cockpit Photo
54. History Detectives Report
55. The Wreck Photo Resolved
56. Where Is The Electra?
  Connecting the Dots 1
  Connecting the Dots 2
  Bearing Map
57. Hiding in Plain Sight: The Bevington Photo
58. The Nessie Hypothesis
59. DNA Research Continues
60. Too True to Believe
Research Papers
Earhart Project Research Papers
  Amelia Earhart Biography
  Frederick Noonan
  The 1937 Search: The First 24 Hours
  The 1937 Search: The Itasca Search
  The 1937 Search: The Colorado Search
  The 1937 Search: The Lexington Search
  The Islands of the Japanese Mandate in 1937
  The Wreck of the Norwich City
  The Equatorial and Phoenix Islands
  McKean Island
Research by Bob Brandenburg
  Harmony and Power  |   HarmonyandPower.pdf
  The Radio Riddle
  The Post Loss Radio Signals
  Post-Loss Signal Statistics
  PLRS Technical Analysis
  Probability Study of the “Betty” Reception
  RDF Research
  Analysis of RDF Bearings
  DF Bearings
  Analysis of RDF Bearings
  RDF Analysis, page 2
  RDF Analysis, page 3
  RDF Analysis, page 4
  RDF Analysis, page 5
  RDF Analysis, page 6
  RDF Analysis, Notes
  RDF Analysis, Appendices
Tidal Study
  Tidal Study
  Reef flat diagram
Eddy Current Analysis
  Eddy Current Analysis
The Electra Radios
  NR16020 Radios: Technical Analysis
  Figure A: Simplified Block Diagram, W.E. 13C Transmitter
  Figure B: Detail, Schematic Circuit Diagram, W.E. 13C
  Figure C: Detail, Schematic Circuit Diagram, W.E. 13C, Voice
  Figure D: Detail, Schematic Circuit Diagram, W.E. 13C, Modified for CW
  Figure 1: Western Electric Model 20B Radio Receiver, Block Circuit Diagram
  Figure 2: Frequency Response Curve, 96KHz 1-F Amplifier
  Figure 3: Frequency Response Curve, HF RF Amp Tuned to 6210 KHz
  Schematic 1: Western Electric 13C Transmitter
  Schematic 2: Modified 13C Transmitter
  Schematic 3: W.E. 13C Schematic, Modified
  Schematic 4: W.E. 20B/20A Receiver
The Earhart World Flight
  Preparations and Departure, World Flight 1
  Second Attempt, Communications
  Intended Route to Howland, 2nd Attempt
  Second Attempt, Forecast Weather
  Final Flight, Part 1: Lae to Midpoint
  Final Flight, Part 2: Midpoint to the Vicinity of Howland
  The Final Flight, Part 3: 1415 to 1930 GMT
  The Final Flight, Part 4: The Aircraft Returns to Earth
  Reconstructing the Flight
  Itasca Log 1, Page 3
  Itasca Log, 0841, detail
  Itasca Log, 0841, Detail 2
  Itasca Log, Detail 3
Search Maps
  Search Maps
  Itasca Search Map
  Colorado Search Map
  The Track of the Lexington
  The Track of the Cushing
  The Track of the Drayton
  The Track of the Lamson
  The Track of the Swan
  Combined Search Map
TIGHARs on Tinian
  TIGHARs on Tinian
  TIGHARs on Tinian 2
  TIGHARs on Tinian 3
  TIGHARs on Tinian 4
  TIGHARs on Tinian 5
  TIGHARs on Tinian 6
  TIGHARs on Tinian 7
  TIGHARs on Tinian 8
Book Reviews
  Book Reviews
  I Was Amelia Earhart
  Hidden Latitudes
  Long Book Review
  Amelia Earhart's Shoes
  Amelia Earhart Survived
  Thirteen Bones
  1937 Timeline
      Help Wanted
  Artifact 2-6-S-43
  Artifact 2-6-S-21f
  Artifact 2-6-S-32
  Artifact 2-6-S-45
  Artifact 2-6-S-03A
  Artifact 2-6-S-03A

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