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The Phoenix Islands Protected Area (PIPA) is the largest marine protected area in the Pacific Ocean. As part of the permitting process which enables us to work on Nikumaroro, we are required to submit a report to PIPA at the end of each expedition, describing what we did, what we saw, and including video and still images of the island and its environment. The report was delivered in person by Ric Gillespie on June 23, 2011, in Tarawa, and is published below. There are also numerous appendices which are published in the Analysis section.

Appendix B

Appendix B – Niku VI Artifacts (partial)

Artifact # Description Remarks
2-9-S-1 broken glass jar  
    2-9-S-1a part of top  
    2-9-S-1b part of top (distant)  
    2-9-S-1c part of bottom  
    2-9-S-1d part of bottom  
    2-9-S-1e part of bottom  
2-9-S-2 leather?  
2-9-S-3 button, large  
2-9-S-4 button, small  
2-9-S-5 bead  
2-9-S-6 cervical bone?  
2-9-S-7 bone chip?  
2-9-S-8 leather?  
2-9-S-9 small bone?  
2-9-S-10 rouge pieces (9)  
2-9-S-11a&b turtle?  
2-9-S-12 metal cap?  
2-9-S-13 bone chip?  
2-9-S-14 cloth  
2-9-S-15 clam shucker?  
2-9-S-16 knife body  
2-9-S-17 knife bolster  
2-9-S-18 knife bone fragment  
2-9-S-19 small plastic cap  
2-9-S-20 twisted wire from flash bulb?  
2-9-S-21 thin broken glass  
2-9-S-22 thin broken glass  
2-9-S-23 thin broken glass  
2-9-S-24 thin broken glass  
2-9-S-25 thin broken glass  
2-9-S-26 thin broken glass  
2-9-S-27 broken Mennen bottle  
2-9-S-28 three comb teeth  
2-9-S-29 .22 shell casing  
2-9-S-30 .22 shell casing  
2-9-S-31 .22 shell casing  
2-9-S-32 .22 shell casing  
2-9-S-33 .22 shell casing  
2-9-S-34 .22 shell casing  
2-9-S-35 .22 shell casing  
2-9-S-36 .22 shell casing  
2-9-S-37 .22 shell casing  
2-9-S-38 .22 shell casing  
2-9-S-39a .22 shell casing  
2-9-S-39b .22 shell casing  
2-9-S-40 .22 shell casing  
2-9-S-41 .22 shell casing  
2-9-S-42a .22 shell casing  
2-9-S-42b .22 shell casing  
2-9-S-43a .22 shell casing  
2-9-S-43b .22 shell casing  
2-9-S-43c .22 shell casing  
2-9-S-44 glass, curved, green lagoon shore
2-9-S-45 glass, green  
2-9-S-46 glass, green  
2-9-S-47 glass, green  
2-9-S-48 glass, green  
2-9-S-49 tiny wire  
2-9-S-50 glass, Mennen  
2-9-S-51 glass, Mennen?  
2-9-S-52 glass, Mennen?  
2-9-S-53 glass, Mennen  
2-9-S-54 glass, Mennen  
2-9-S-55 glass, corner  
2-9-S-56 glass (3 pieces)  
2-9-S-57 glass  
2-9-S-58 glass, Mennen  
2-9-S-59 glass  
2-9-S-60 glass, Mennen?  
2-9-S-61 glass, Mennen  
2-9-S-62 glass, Mennen  
2-9-S-63 glass, Mennen  
2-9-S-64 glass, Mennen  
2-9-S-65 glass, corner  
2-9-S-66 cap, threaded & knurled  
2-9-S-67 cap, threaded  
2-9-S-68 translucent frag  
2-9-S-69 translucent/ceramic?  
2-9-S-70 red rounded frags  
2-9-S-71 tiny red frags  
2-9-S-72 tinier red frags  
2-9-S-73 red frag  
2-9-S-74 battery?  
2-9-S-75 the "dragonfly"  
2-9-S-76 tiny red flakes  
2-9-S-77 nail  
2-9-S-78 glass, amber  
2-9-S-79 glass  
2-9-S-80 cheesehead screw  
2-9-S-81 many ferrous chunks  
2-9-S-82 many ferrous chunks  
2-9-S-82a plug and washer  
2-9-S-83a ferrous pieces  
2-9-S-83b ferrous pieces  
2-9-S-83c ferrous pieces  
2-9-S-83d ferrous pieces  
2-9-S-83e ferrous pieces  
2-9-S-83f ferrous pieces  
2-9-S-84 corrugated iron  
2-9-S-85 ferrous pieces w/coating  
2-9-S-86 ferrous  
2-9-S-87 ferrous  
2-9-S-88 metallic object  
2-9-S-89 rod tip  
2-9-S-90a corrugation  
2-9-S-90b corrugation  
2-9-S-91 dowel  
2-9-S-92 iron shards  
2-9-S-93 ferrous  
2-9-S-94 ferrous rivets/corner  
2-9-S-95 corrugation  
2-9-S-96 rectangular ferrous  
2-9-S-97 ferrous with coating  
2-9-S-98 ferrous  
2-9-S-99 ferrous  
2-9-S-100 broken iron dowels  
2-9-S-101 ferrous  
2-9-S-102 dowel  
2-9-S-103 tin can? Round obj.  
2-9-S-104 thick ferrous  
2-9-S-104a plug, washer like 2-9-S-82a  
2-9-S-105 ferrous  
2-9-S-106 ferrous  
2-9-S-107 intact iron dowels and nails  

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