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  • Material: Unknown non-metallic porcelain-like material with a magnetic metal pin set in it.
  • Weight: approximately .1 oz.
  • Condition: Good. The non-metallic material is broken and the pin is bent. The pin has a small glob of metal at the unattached end possibly indicating that it was welded or soldered to something.
  • Speculation: This appears to be an internal component from some piece of lightweight technology. The scallops may be detents for a rotating cam that was part of some kind of variable adjustment.
From by "an Ohio mom" (3 March 2010)
"Artifact 2-6-S-32 might be the head of a personal hand razor used for shaving. In the old days, the replacement blades were secured by a ridges pattern that matched holes on the actual metal blades. The protruding pin/nail may have had a handle that decayed. Maybe compare to type of razor she or Noonan used at their homes if in some museum collection or from living relatives if they happened to keep. Probably even a "razor collector" somewhere that has these old fashioned razors."