Artifact #: 2-6-S-32
Artifact Name: Non-metallic scalloped piece with pin
Identified: Yes   No Tentative: High Confidence   Low Confidence  


Physical Description:

Material: Unknown non-metallic porcelain-like material with a magnetic metal pin set in it.

Weight: approximately .1 oz.

Condition: Good. The non-metallic material is broken and the pin is bent. The pin has a small glob of metal at the unattached end possibly indicating that it was welded or soldered to something.

Discussion: This appears to be an internal component from some piece of lightweight technology. The scallops may be detents for a rotating cam that was part of some kind of variable adjustment.

2-6-S-32 2-6-S-32 detail
2-6-S-32 detail 2-6-S-32 detail
Location: Near Slope Unit 2 of the Seven Site at SEB14.

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