Republic of France
Ministry of Transport
General Inspector of Civil Aviation and Meteorology
Nungesser & Coli Disappear
Aboard The White Bird
tigharlogo May 8, 1927 PMG logo
by Clément-Pascal Meunier, General Engineer of Civil Aviation
English Translation by The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery
Table of Contents
Translator’s Note to the English Edition
Chapter 1—The Preparation for the Attempt
  The Aircraft; The Engine; Testing the Aircraft; The Engine Trials; On-Board Equipment; The Weather and Navigation; General Remarks
Chapter 2—The Departure and Voyage as Far as Etretat
  The Departure; The Trip to Etretat
Chapter 3—The Voyage from Etretat to the Southern Coast of England
  The Weather Situation Over the English Channel; The Look-Out for the Departure and the Searches; Examination of the Reports from the End of 1980; The Flight Over the Channel
Chapter 4—The Voyage Over England and Ireland
  The Testimony and the Reconstruction of the Course; The Evaluation of l’Oiseau Blanc’s Speed; The Course Reversal: The Emergency Land or Sea Landing
Chapter 5—Crossing the North Atlantic
  Carrigaholt to Belle Isle; Belle Isle to Harbour Grace; The Testimony Collected
Chapter 6—The Present State of the Case
  French Testimony from 1980; The Testimony of Mr. H.G. Glynn; Complementary Investigations in Newfoundland; An American Report; Some Final Remarks
Supplementary Information
Maps and Illustrations
Map of the Route over France and the Channel
Detailed Map of the Sighting by the Submarine H.50
Map of the Course from Etretat to the West Coast of Ireland
Map of Newfoundland
General Map of the Attempt
L’Oiseau Blanc, Plan Form
L’Oiseau Blanc, Sections

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