The French Report
Translator’s Note
Preparing this report for publication in English has been a long and arduous task. Often highly technical, sometimes archaically so, and filled with idiomatic aviation metaphors, the challenge it presented was not lightly met. Any errors in translation should be called to the attention of the translator for correction in future editions; any questions concerning the original wording will be answered promptly via email.

No attempt was made during the translation to correct or amplify matters of fact, as we prefer to let the research stand as it did in 1983. The search for l’Oiseau Blanc has moved on since that time, and much new information is available; but a grave injustice would be done M. Meunier’s excellent research if we were to interpolate our own findings of much later date into his work. Further information about the current state of Project Midnight Ghost may be had by emailing TIGHAR.

Certain protocols have been followed in footnotes and other items of commentary in this document. If a footnote is unsigned, it is translated from the French. If it is signed Ed., it is commentary by the editor/translator, not the author. Any internal note which is that of the editor is signed Ed. Any internal note which is that of the author is signed CPM. Information found in parentheses ( ) was generally provided by M. Meunier, and is translated as he provided it. Information in brackets [ ] is generally additional translation information provided by the editor. In those cases where this rule does not apply, the item is signed.

The translator and editor would like to thank the following people, without whom this translation could not have been accomplished:

  • At the University of Delaware:
         Professor René Coulet du Gard, Ms. Jacqueline Dougherty, Ms. Mary Beth Medley
            —for tackling the daunting task of the initial rough translation
  • At TIGHAREurope:
         M Jean P. Taquet, Ms. Paula Woolfolk, Mlle Carole Guillerault
            —for assistance in general translation and for helping us track down technical aviation terms
  • M Clément-Pascal Meunier, formerly of the Bureau of Civil Aviation in Paris, who graciously allowed us to take up his time with a page by page review of this translation, and without whose assistance many grave errors would have gone uncorrected.
  • M Michel Guyard, Transportation Counselor at the French Embassy in Washington, D.C., who assisted us in acquiring permission to publish this translation.
  • M Nicolas Durieux, former Transportation Counselor at the French Embassy in Washington, without whom we might never have known of the existence of this document, and without whose friendship Project Midnight Ghost could not have been.
  • Mr. R. Calvin Best, Head of Reference Services at the Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador, who without charge provided us with copies of original text from the St. John’s Evening Telegram, a vital service in the preparation of this translation.
  • The Committee for the Memory of Nungesser and Coli, for its continuing interest in Project Midnight Ghost.
  • Madame Alyette Guillot-Coli, for her long-standing support of our efforts.
  • And all the TIGHAR members all over the world who have loyally supported this project for so many years, in the field and in the office.

Printed copies of this report can be acquired by writing to:

English French (correspond in French only)

2366 Hickory Hill Road
Oxford, PA   19363
USA 610-467-1937

Ministère des Transports
Service Technique de la Navigation Aérienne
246, Rue Lecourbe 75732
Paris Cedex 15

or at the TIGHAR Store.

The cost of the French Edition is 30 francs; this translation is available as a PDF on CD-rom for $50.00. Proceeds go to help support the search.

Patricia R. Thrasher
March, 1990

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