The French Report

M Roland Nungesser, Mme Alyette Guillot-Coli, Mme Colette Levasseur, M Maurice Bellonte, M Charles Dollfus (thanks to Mme Dollfus and M de Montmarin), M Robert Duchemin, M Raymond Nivet, M Jean Liron, M Vital Ferry.

Directors and heads of offices in the Ministry of the Interior and of Decentralization, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of City Planning and Housing, the Ministry of Commerce and Craftsmen, the Ministry of Post, Telegraphs, and Telephones.

French Embassies in London and Dublin, the Prefecture and Civil Aviation Service of Saint-Pierre et Miquelon, Prefecture of the Seine-Maritime, the Transportation Counsellor at the French Embassy in Washington, the Ile de France-Haute Normandie Aeronuatical District, the Fecamp Maritime Quarter, the Tribunal of Great Events of Paris-Marseille-Versailles.

The National Archives, the Archives of the National Assembly and the Senate, the Regional Archives from Paris and the Ile de France Region, the Archives of the First Maritime Region of Cherbourg, the Bureau of Longitudes, the Cinematographic and Photographic Establishments of the Armies, the National Audiovisual Institute, the Musée de l’Air, the Musée de la Poste, the Historical Services of the Army, Air Force, and Navy.

The Aéroclub de France, Air France (Museum), the Association of Professional Aerial Navigators (APNA), Bureau Veritas, Group of French Aeronautical and Space Industries (GIFAS), National Society of Aerospace Industries (SNIAS), National Society for the Study and Construction of Aircraft Engines (SNECMA), the Badin-Crouzet Society.

French Press Agency (photo archives), Air and Cosmos, Albert Kahn Collections (film and photos), Association of Friends of Jacques-Henri Lartigue, Aviation Magazine International, H. Angel (photo collections), Dargaud Editions, R. Dazy (photo collections), Le Figaro (photo archives), France-Soir (photo archives), Gaumont, Hachette (book and photo archives), L’Humanité (photo archives), Icare (Revue), L’Illustration (France-Illustration editions), Keystone (photo archives), Larousse (photo archives), Lynx (photo press agency), Le Matin de Paris, Le Parisien Libéré (photo archives), Paris Match, Pathé, Presses-Pocket editions, Paris Press Syndicate, Telemagazine, Ventillard Editions.

Great Britain: Ministry of Defence, Naval Historical Branch; National Meteorological Library; Royal Greenwich Observatory.

Canada: Embassy of Canada in Paris; Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador.

United States: U.S. Department of Commerce (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Service [sic]).

logoTIGHAR logoA Final Note

In the 27 years since the inception of Project Midnight Ghost, much information has come to light, many leads have been followed up, and very little conclusive evidence has been found. After ten years of fruitless searching in Maine, TIGHAR moved the focus of the Project to the Avalon Peninsula of Newfoundland, where there is considerable documentary evidence to suggest that l’Oiseau Blanc met her end in one of the hundreds of lakes which dot the wilderness there. One artifact of metal has been found which we suspect of being part of the aircraft.

Newfoundland is a difficult place to work in: the climate is harsh, the distances long, the roads few, and the government restrictive. At the present time the project is on hold, awaiting sufficient funding and technology to do a conclusive search of the most highly suspect lakes for the engine of l’Oiseau Blanc.

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