North Atlantic
1 Course initially planned by Coli (a Great Circle route from the south of Ireland to Belle-Isle).
2 Second course anticipated by Coli on May 7 at 22:00 during the course of his visit to the Meteorological Offices with Nungesser and Levasseur, and confirmed on May 8 at 04:35.

Times of passage anticipated by Coli for the course:

  • A: May 8, 0800 UT.
  • D: May 8, 1900 UT.
  • Belle Isle: May 9 0600 UT.
M Observation from the Montclare on the 8th at 1300: Skies partly cloudy, wind SE, light, force 2; visibility 2 to 4 km, patchy fog.
N Observation from the Montnairn on the 8th at 1800: Skies clear, with wind from the south, force 3. Visibility 50 km.
P Observation from the Paris on the 9th at midnight: Violent storm.
R Observation from Belle-Isle on the 9th at 1300: Skies clear with wind from the NW, force 6.