Volume 12 Number 2/3
October, 1996

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Navigator’s Bookcase Sheet of aluminum with red paint Cut Strip of Aluminum Aluminum Plate Heat Shield Aircraft Skin
Aluminum Comb Riveted Assembly Channel Section Cables Plexiglas Aircraft Safety Wire
[B-24] Riveted Assembly (TIGHAR Artifact 2-2-V-8)
Date Found:
Materials analysis:
Report date:
October 1991 during TIGHAR’s NIKU II expedition.
March 5, 1990
Description: riveted assemblyThis assembly was made up of two aluminum alloy members. One member was roughly triangular in shape and appeared to be complete and relatively undamaged. The other member was severely damaged by exfoliation corrosion making it difficult to determine its original shape or configuration. However, there were four identifiable 5/32 inch diameter rivet holes along one edge with the formed tail portion of one rivet remaining. The two pieces of the assembly were connected by three large 3/16 diameter intact rivets that were marked with a single dimple in their manufactured heads. A partially-legible part number was stamped into the structure – 32B108?. (Note: The artifact was lost while in NTSB custody. It is believed to have been accidentally thrown out by the laboratory cleaning staff.)
Condition: As mentioned by the NTSB, portions of this artifact exhibited severe exfoliation. There was also evidence of extensive cutting and shearing caused by tools or implements.
Identification: This is, without question, a B-24 part. It could be part of one of the many belt-frame assemblies (Part Number 32B1081) in the rear fuselage or it could be part of the nose gear emergency release mechanism (Part Number 32B1089).
Commentary: Like several other artifacts found on the island, this appears to be a scrap left over from local use. It may be related to the Aluminum Plate (Artifact 2-5). The exfoliation seen on the Cut Strip (Artifact 2-3) suggests that it may have at one time been exposed to the same conditions (immersion in salt water?) as the Riveted Assembly.
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