Volume 12 Number 2/3
October, 1996
earhart logoearhart logoFound Objects
Navigator’s Bookcase Sheet of aluminum with red paint Cut Strip of Aluminum Aluminum Plate
Dado Aircraft Skin Aluminum Comb Riveted Assembly
Channel Section Cables Plexiglas Aircraft Safety Wire
Thermometer, broken Threaded metal cap Shoe parts Artifact 2-2-G-8, Shoe heel
[?] Aircraft Safety Wire (TIGHAR Artifact 2-3-V-3)
Date Found: February 1996 during TIGHAR’s NIKU III Preliminary expedition. safety wire
Materials analysis: United Technologies, Hamilton Standard Propeller Division
Report date: August 26, 1996
Description: This is a length of 304 stainless steel wire 6.75 inches long comprised of two strands of .010 inch wire twisted together in a very even left-hand twist with an average pitch of .564 inches. There is a 90 degree bend located approximately .582 inch from one end.
Condition: Both ends of the wire have been cut. There is no evidence of failure from fatigue or high tensile loading. The wire is in excellent condition.
Identification: This is aircraft safety wire, also known as lock wire, of a type widely available from the 1930s onward.
Commentary: Although as innocuous an artifact as could be imagined, this is yet another object found on Nikumaroro which was, at one time, part of an airplane. The only clues to its origin may be its somewhat unusually long tail and the fact that its twist may have been hand-done rather than twirled with special safety wire pliers. Early mechanics prided themselves on the precision of their lock wire work.

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