Volume 12 Number 2/3
October, 1996

earhart logoearhart logoFound Objects

Navigator’s Bookcase Sheet of aluminum with red paint Cut Strip of Aluminum Aluminum Plate
Dado Aircraft Skin Aluminum Comb Riveted Assembly
Channel Section Cables Plexiglas Aircraft Safety Wire
Thermometer, broken Threaded metal cap Shoe parts Artifact 2-2-G-8, Shoe heel
[?] Aluminum Plate (TIGHAR Artifact 2-5)
Date Found: October 1989 during TIGHAR’s NIKU I expedition. small plate
Materials analysis: NTSB
Report date: March 5, 1992
Description: This is a roughly rectangular piece of 2024 Alclad about 2 inches by 5 inches and 0.062 inches thick.
Condition: There is a straight sheared edge (manufacturer’s cut) along one long side, a bending over-stress fracture along one short edge, and the other two edges exhibit typical saw cut markings. A ragged hole went through one end of the plate as if cut by multiple strikes with a thin narrow instrument such as a small chisel or screwdriver. A second similar hole was cut partially through the plate.
Identification: unknown
Commentary: The plate is the same thickness as Riveted Assembly 2-2-V-8, a known B-24 part. There are no .062 skins on either the B-24 or the Lockheed 10. This is probably part of a structural member and may be part of 2-2-V-8.

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