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24 July Earhart takes delivery on her birthday.
October Hooven Radio Compass installed; Dayton, Ohio.
November Bell Labs, Hadley Field, N.J.
November ? Gurr re-attaches receiver antenna in California?
November 27 Inspected: WE transmitter and receiver, Hooven Radio Compass
February 12 NYC Press conference announcing round-the-world flight. Manning flies with Earhart and Putnam to California.
Gurr and Manning work together.
March 7 Loop antenna installed.
March 13 Noonan hired.
Test flights.
17 March Oakland to Honolulu.
20 March Luke Field.
2 April Electra returned to California, trucked to Lockheed.
14 May Letter of authority for second attempt issued.
19 May Bureau of Air Commerce certifies aircraft airworthy.
20 May Second round-the-world attempt began in secret.
23 May Arrived in Miami with radio complaints. Pan American mechanics troubleshoot systems. Starboard navigation window skinned over.
30 May Public announcement of second attempt.
26 June
  • Port Darwin? 0720 GMT, Earhart: "...Itasca transmit letter A, position, own call letters, as above on half hour at 7.5 MHz."
  • Earhart sent two telegrams to Lae; one said that she would be using 36 meters (8.327 MHz) and the other said 36.6 meters (8.191 MHz) on her direction finder.[1]
28 June Receiver fuse replaced in Darwin.
29 June
1 July Failed direction finding test in Lae. Rec'd time and weather.
2 July (Lae date) Left Lae. Transmissions not heard for hours ...
2 July Aircraft lost.
30 July Cross memo describes the original transmitter, receiver, and Hooven Radio Compass.


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