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A piece of a pocket knife was found at the Seven Site during Niku V (2007). It is a very close, though not perfect, match for the pocket knife mentioned in the Luke Field inventory (22309).

Pocket knife.png
"A Cattaraugus model 22309 pocket knife was for sale on ebay. The model number signifies 2 blades, 2 bolsters, style number 30, and the 9 indicates a bone handle. The number of the pocket knife on the Luke Field inventory was 22309, which one of our experts thought might be a Cattaraugus number."[1]

"In 2007 we found one small part of a pocket knife we were able to identify as an Easy-Open, bone handled, double bladed jackknife made by the Imperial Cutlery Company of Providence, RI between 1930 and 1945. This time we found the rest of the knife, except for the blades. It is now apparent that someone beat the knife apart with a blunt object, breaking it open for the express purpose of removing the blades. Why? To make spears for catching fish? We can only speculate, but at least we have a better understanding of what happened to the knife."[2]

Heath Smith speculated that the pocket knife might be a Camillus model.[3]


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