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Help for readers

  • Use the Overview to see an outline of the main entries in the Ameliapedia.
  • Use the search field on the left to answer particular questions.
  • Browse through the Frequently Asked Questions.
  • See how all the features work by going to the WikiMedia reader help page.
  • Join the Amelia Earhart Search Forum to ask questions, suggest improvements, and provide other kinds of constructive feedback. Those who conduct themselves well in the Forum may well be asked to join the editors on this wiki. "No good deed goes unpunished."
  • Visit TIGHAR Central to find out more about TIGHAR's research and related projects.
  • More information about TIGHAR always available from the navigation menu on the left of every page.
  • Description of the various parts of the TIGHAR website.

Help for editors

Help pages on this wiki

How to upload files

In the toolbox on the left side of every page, you should see Upload file.

  • Upload file: one @#$%*&! file at a time. Very crude, but accurate.
    • Study the Upload screen. Notice that you may give a URL to an existing publicly accessible image to transfer it to the wiki. Please don't do this unless you are confident that the copyright holder of the image will not complain about seeing it on our site.
  • Video tutorial on how to upload a file.

How to insert YouTube Videos

  • Use a surrounding div to center the video between the margins:
<div align="center"><youtube>Qu4dCxlXb0Q</youtube></div>

More help: documentation

Help for administrators (a.k.a. sysops, bureaucrats)

How to create a new account

Click on the following links:

  • Special pages--it's available in the "toolbox", too.
  • Log in / create account--it's also on the "Special pages".
  • Create an Account--a link on the "Log in / create user" page.
  • Fill out the username, password, e-mail address, and real name for the user
  • Click to save/submit the new account to the system.
  • A confirmation e-mail should be sent to the user.

Note well:

  • Be careful to make a note of the password you assign to the new user.
  • If you want to grant the user privileges, click on the relevant check boxes.
  • Send the user their username and password.

MediaWiki Links

A word of thanks to the Open Source community

We are deeply indebted to the work of countless amazingly talented men and women who have given generously of their time and talents to make this site possible. Ameliapedia is built entirely out of open-source software:

  • Fedora 9--the basic operating system on our server.
  • Apache--the web server software.
  • PHP--the miracle worker that turns unintelligible "scripts" into web pages like this.
  • MySQL--a little guy who runs around putting data into storage and finds it again when it's needed.
  • MediaWiki--a collection of PHP scripts and related doohickeys the keep the MySQL gnome hopping. MediaWiki is the software engine that powers Wikipedia. If there were no Wikipedia, there would be no Ameliapedia.

We are also grateful to all who have inspired the development of open-source software:

  • Ward Cunningham, the man who created the first wiki--WikiWikiWeb in 1995.
  • GNU and the Free Software Foundation have provided an amazing collection of tools for site administrators. GNU's Not Unix and linux isn't GNU, but we don't care what you call it. It's free and it works! (If you can't read this page, it's stopped working and you should email me right away to let me know. Stuff happens, don't it?)