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Archived Forum Highlights, 2000

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12/24 – 1/1/01 No Forum during this time period; we went on vacation. Please go to Archived Forum Highlights, 2001 to continue the journey.
12/17 – 12/23/00 DNA; Smoking Guns; Landing Gear; Top Three Reasons
12/10 – 12/16/00 Shoes; McGuffin and the Smoking Gun; Reineck’s Observation; The Nine-Hour Silence
12/3 – 12/9/00 American Jesuits; No Key Aboard the Airplane; The Shoes, Details
11/26 – 12/2/00 The ’Chutes in Darwin; Benevolent Dictators; Key Aboard the Airplane?; Sources of Shoes
11/19 – 11/25/00 Gardner Island Store; Pacific Island Shoes; Zenith Radios; Gyrocompass & Autopilot
11/12 – 11/18/00 Betty Hears Earhart?; The Colorado Lookout; Gardner Island Store
11/5 – 11/11/00 Interview with Betty; Ontario Position; Occult References; Recognizing AE’s Voice; Speculation Time; WOJ Redux; Malice and Stupidity; WX Forecasts
10/29 – 11/4/00 Electra’s Vee Antenna; Compass Points; Antenna and Propagation; Navigation Discussion ; Antenna & Propagation Simulation; Position Reports; W40K; Manta Boards; W40K; Manta Boards; Birch Matthews
10/22 – 10/28/00 Shortening the Antenna; Proving a Negative; Rescue from Niku; Back to the Gilberts; Proving Negatives; Antennas and Propagation; Vee Antenna; Kite Antennas; Antenna Simulations; Who Visited Gardner; Kites
10/15 – 10/21/00 Batteries and Generators; Could AE hear KGMB?; Vidal Collection; Earhart’s Receiver; Back to the Gilberts; Testing Plan B; More on Radios; Searching for Howland
10/8 – 10/14/00 Wyoming Messages; Norwich City; Harmonics; Betty’s Intercept; Pilot Questions; LOP Questions
10/1 – 10/7/00 The Signal Goes Round; 10E Cruise Performance Data; Others Who Heard AE? Betty’s Notebook; Why Didn’t More Hear AE? Norwich City; Look at the Numbers
9/24 – 9/30/00 Separate Receivers; Expectation of Rescue; Something New; Post-Loss Messages
9/17 – 9/23/00 Earhart’s Log; Dr. Hoodless; Radio Ramblings; Expedition Plans
9/10 – 9/16/00 The 281 Message; Electra Performance; The Point of the Project
9/3 – 9/9/00 Hypothesis Recapped; Did AE Leave Her Key Behind?; The Gilberts; Fuel Reserves
8/27 – 9/2/00 Lae Takeoff Video; Radios; Brines Letter; Vidal Papers; Hangovers
8/20 – 8/26/00 Radios and Antennas; Folklore; The Brines Letter; Contingency Plans; Damaged Pitots
8/13 – 8/19/00 Antennas Some More, Another Deep Sea Search, Wreckage Recovery, Site Security
8/6 – 8/12/00 Wandering Around; Seven Site; Earhart’s Radios; The Overwash Question; Shipboard DF
7/30 – 8/5/00 More Radio Stuff; Antenna Lost on Take-Off? The Seven Site; Flood at the Seven Site? Lambrecht’s View
7/23 – 7/29/00 Tarpaper and Roll Roofing; Evidence at the 7 Site; Screening; Second Skeleton
7/16 – 7/22/00 Curvatures; Why a Light?; Fred Noonan & PanAm; The Seven Site; Gallagher’s 7 Site House
7/9 – 7/15/00 Secret Navy Files; Help in New Zealand; Curvatures and Ceramic Sherds
7/2 – 7/8/00 Coast Guard Buttons; Warning to New Guys; Noonan Project Leads
6/25 – 7/1/00 Long’s Photo of the Bendix Radio Control Box; Lost Star Photos; Button Found on Niku; Gurr and the RA-1
6/18 – 6/24/00 Frequencies at Lae; AE & DF; Earhart’s Radios; The Belly Antenna Question
6/11 – 6/17/00 Russian Roulette; Morgenthau Speculation; Belly Antennas; AE & DF
6/4 – 6/10/00 Warren’s Hypothesis; Secret? Navy?; Commentary on Kilts; Coral is a Beach; Morgenthau
5/28 – 6/3/00 Lockheed 10A Rides; Post-Loss Radio Signals: Computer Modeling; Floyd Kilts
5/21 – 5/27/00 Coup in Fiji; Carl Sagan; Buttonwood Report; Baloney Detection Kit
5/14 – 5/20/00 Drums (Fuel or Otherwise); Search Sites; More From Reineck; Fijian Coup
5/7 – 5/13/00 Island Communications, Timelines, Manuals, Survivors’ Camp
4/30 – 5/6/00 Gardner Communications; Learning Morse; Radio Reports: Lagoon Passages; Artifacts
4/23 – 4/29/00 The Seven Site; Earhart Radio Signals; Gallagher’s Reports; Plan for Niku IV
4/16 – 4/22/00 More Thoughts on 10E Performance, Noonan Project, The Age of Bones, Lae Take-off
4/9 – 4/15/00 Thinking about the 10E Performance; Gallagher’s Description of Skeletal Remains; Octane, Performance, and Fuel Economy
4/2 – 4/8/00 Asbestos and the Loran station, Fuel Enough for Gardner, The Null Hypothesis, “Evidence”
3/26 – 4/1/00 Endurance vs. Range; Gallagher’s Radio; Maude’s Journals; Fuel Management; Gallagher’s Clues
3/19 – 3/25/00 Information Sources; The Bevington Photo; Deception; Same Shoes? Electra Range
3/12 – 3/18/00 John Mims and the Fish Story; Why Wasn’t Gallagher Told? The U.S. Navy Search Ops; 6210 Instead of 3105
3/5 – 3/11/00 Ground Loop; Wreck Photo; The Cook, the Castaway, and the Aviator; Variable Pitch Props
2/27 – 3/4/00 Trails; The Yacht Yankee; Artifacts at the 7; A New Eyewitness; Bevington’s Recollections
2/20 – 2/26/00 The Wreck Photo; Discussion of New Bulletin; Wreckage in General; The Windward Shore
2/13 – 2/19/00 Blowing Tubes, Authenticating Photos, Earhart’s Last Transmission
2/6 – 2/12/00 Carbon Dating, Lambrecht’s Photo, Two Shoe Sizes? Amelia’s Voice, Goerner’s Letters
1/30 – 2/5/00 Trapped Fuel, Radar to Find Metal? The Mystery of the Bottle, Amelia “Crusoe” Earhart
1/23 – 1/29/00 Gallagher’s Site, Women’s Size 10? The 1996 Site, The Well, Noonan & PAA
1/16 – 1/22/00 Alternates, Gallagher, Bottles and Corks, Gallagher’s List of Clues
1/9 – 1/15/00 Itasca’s Smoke, Noonan’s Sextant, More on Noonan’s Navigation
1/2 – 1/8/00 Lockheed Technical Data, Fuel Consumption Assumptions, 10 Miles or 100? Radio Communication, Decomposition
12/26/99 – 1/1/00 MYSTic Musings, Electra Range, Fuel Consumption, Monte Carlo Sims

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