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Archived Forum Highlights, 2001

(January – June)

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6/24 – 6/30/01 Left Turn on the LOP; LOP Speculation
6/17 – 6/23/01 Eleven Minute Gap? LOP Speculation; News From the Linnix
6/10 – 6/16/01 Exploring the Reef Edge; Great Exploration Hoaxes; False Memories
6/3 – 6/9/01 Radio Difficulties; Niku Reef Edge
5/27 – 6/2/01 What’s In a Name; Objects on the Reef; Finger Food
5/20 – 5/26/01 Post-Loss Messages; Metal Detectors
5/13 – 5/19/01 Prolonged Isolation; Radio-Craft Article; Staying with the Aircraft; The Old Trail
5/6 – 5/12/01 Jewel of the Sea; What’s in a Name? Sir Harry Luke
4/29 – 5/5/01 Info On Apia; Static; Whose Mother Update; Myth and Legend
4/22 – 4/28/01 Whose Mother? Imagery Acquired; New Shoe Thoughts
4/15 – 4/21/01 Evidence; Membership Campaign; Watching and Waiting
4/8 – 4/14/01 HMS Achilles; How Did it Start? Low Fuel; Paying Dues
4/1 – 4/7/01 Headwinds; Gas Is Running Low; To Ditch or Not to Ditch? Bones on the Beach
3/25 – 3/31/01 Fuel Consumption; Received Signal Strengths; Reports From Tarawa; Assumptions
3/18 – 3/24/01 Cat’s Paw Rubber; The Hiller Forum; Speeding Up for a Headwind?; Fuel Consumption; Fuel Expansion
3/11 – 3/17/01 Offset or No Offset? Cat’s Paw Heels; News About Amelia Search
3/4 – 3/10/01 FN’s Navigation, 200 or 100?, LOP DR Comparison
2/25 – 3/3/01 Probability of Success; Going in Great Circles; Harmonics; The Wreck of the Canton; LOP Logic; Lagoon Deposit; FN’s Navigation
2/18 – 2/24/01 Itasca’s Initial Search; 1 N by 177 W; Half Hour Gas; Great Circle; Warships in the Marshalls; Koshu and Kamoi
2/11 – 2/17/01 Catholic Koata; Noonan’s Capabilities; Reflections
2/4 – 2/10/01 The Voyage of the Viti; PAA Clippers; Fred’s Bad Navigation Habits
1/28 – 2/3/01 Bones Search; Amelia’s Powerplants; The Voyage of the Viti
1/21 – 1/27/01 Synthetic Aperture Radar; Fred’s Head Wound; Canton Squadrons and Losses
1/14 – 1/20/01 Pre- & Post-Loss Transmissions; Ships that Weren’t There; Metal Fragments
1/7 – 1/13/01 Satellite Photos; Radio Propagation; Secret Bones
1/2 – 1/6/01 Top Three Reasons; Satellite Photos; Radio Propagation; Castaways

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