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The Carey Article

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Original despatch, page 2
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Ka Eleele 2

with all developments prior to and after the takeoff from Lae.

The following are extracts from a day-by-day account of events kept during the 36 days the Itasca was out from Honolulu assisting and searching for the aviators. Honolulu standard time is used throughout.


Thursday, July 1---Earhart and Noonan are expected to take off today at 10AM HST according to radio reports aboard ship. The weather forecasts are in their favor, reports indicating only slight squalls and the usual 20 to 30 mile easterly headwinds commonly prevalent in the South Pacific areas.

A news service radio message received at 7PM reports a takeoff. But the time is given as 2:30 PM HST, some 2 ½ hours later than the earlier message. We have heard nothing officially

Page 2
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