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The Carey Article

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Original despatch, page 8
Page 8

Ka Eleele 8

A sailor stood on the roof of one of the island houses, ready to relay signals with red-colored flags from the ship to the airfield. At 8AM nothing had been received from the Itasca, which was now throwing out a stream of heavy black smoke to aid the fliers in sighting the tiny coral island. Eyes strained out to the horizon all around in vain search for an approaching plane. Winged creatures of the island, terns, boobys, frigate birds, flew aloft and afar off over the sea, making it all the harder to distinguish between an approaching bird or a plane. Restlessness and fears of misfortune crept in as the hour wore on. A few minutes before 9 AM, the red flags were signaling, “Amelia in trouble.” Suspended excitement prevailed as the mad rush began back to the lee shore of the island where the surf boats awaited to take the party back to ship.

Page 8
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