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The Carey Article

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Original despatch, page 9
Page 9

Ka Eleele 9

On a flipped coin, I had previously won the right to send an original flash of the landing or any other developments. Back on ship, I knew that sending of press messages now were impossible, uncalled for as far as the officials were concerned. The first thing done was to do all possible with radio communication in an effort to pick up further messages, send replies, etc.

The radio room was again the scene of all activity. Try, try as the radiomen would and did, nothing was picked up. At exactly 11:37AM the Itasca started at full speed to search the northwest quadrant off Howland island, most probable location of the plane, if afloat we hoped. Up to 9:55 AM, when the last message had been heard, Earhart and Noonan had been aloft 20 hours and 25 minutes. Assuming an average speed of 140 miles per hour, with deductions for an easterly headwind which

Page 9
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