Betty's Notebook

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Betty Klenck Brown (b. 24 May 1922, died 18 June 2014) may have been the last person to hear Earhart and Noonan.

While listening to her father's shortwave radio in the family home in St. Petersburg, Florida, the teenager Betty Klenck thought she heard Earhart's voice calling for help. She jotted down what she could of the transmission in a notebook.

In 1970 John Hathaway, a neighbor of Betty Brown (then grown, married and living in Illinois) contacted Earhart historian Fred Goerner, whose book The Search for Amelia Earhart was published in 1966. The letters between the neighbor Hathaway and the author Goerner are on the TIGHAR website. Goerner did not pursue the matter, and Betty's Notebook remained unknown to the public until TIGHAR was contacted in 2000.

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