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2022 Expedition Registration
This eleven minute video will introduce you to Project Midnight Ghost and explain how TIGHAR is working with Newfoundland to find history’s most important missing airplane. You’ll find the video on the TIGHAR homepage at, on the YouTube TIGHAR Channel, and on the TIGHAR Channel on
PMG XXXII — SEPTEMBER (exact dates not yet set)

Four days of operations at the Gull Pond will include physical inspection of targets identified in the September 2021 drone magnetometry survey plus visual and metal detector searches of the pond bottom.

The Gull Pond is wild and remote, but it’s not Nikumaroro. We stay at a good hotel in St. John’s (a beautiful city) and commute daily via a two-hour drive to an LZ where we meet the helicopter for a short ride to the pond. TIGHAR members who want to observe operations at the pond or be part of a small land-search team will pay their own travel and accommodation expenses plus a $500 contribution for each day they come to the pond.

Please use this email link to indicate your interest. Let us know if you have any special skills that can be brought to bear on the field work.

No donation required. No obligation implied.

In the meantime, we do need everyone’s help to cover the costs in preparing and carrying out these expeditions. Please contribute what you can to the 2022 Project Midnight Ghost Fund.

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