Notes and sketch from interview by
Ric Gillespie with Patrick McGrath
18 September 1992   


 w/ Patrick McGra[th] 

 Born 1923

 1st heard as a boy, from Father (Nicholas). His father trapping muskrat in spring and heard 3 explosions. Cannot place date other than “in the 20s.”

 Saw blue painted pieces of metal protruding from ice some time in the 40’s. Hunting caribou with

  • 1st cousin Leo McG
  • 3rd cousin Ignatius McG
  • “Patsy” Judge
  • Patrick Judge, 1920 — 1989
  • James Doyle, died 1945
  • Gravestone: Nicholas McG, 2 June 71 age 83

Caribou were hunted out after WWII

Judge collected piece sketched. Burned in barn in Gooseberry. Doesn‘t know about piece given to McGillvary but know[s] Derrick McGillvary

Never saw wood attached to metal. Metal was painted blue (like Tetley tea box). Had been there a long time when he saw (finally got to see it)

Remembers hearing of fishing boat “Portana” going down with 22 or 25 men aboard sometime in 20’s but doesn’t connect that with the airplane.

Was with Hubert and McCarthy. Sketched piece found. Evening Telegram arrived twice a week. Train to Placentia, mail wagon to Patrick’s Cove.

He has heard that pieces were pulled from ice and hidden in the bushes.


Patrick McGrath's sketch

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