Notes from interview by Jay Veith with Dr. James Miller 
1 June 1992   
Dr. Miller, a dentist, called me from St. John’s, Newfoundland, in response to Mr. Harrington’s article in the St. John’s Evening Telegram. He knew an older man and his son, named McGrath, (pronounced Mcgraw), who he used to hunt with. The old man told him a story of how he was out hunting on an extremely foggy day, probably a Sunday or Monday in early May 1927, when he heard the sound of two explosions which he couldn’t explain. Later in the year he found a piece of blue metal that he forwarded to the St. John’s Museum, which he initially believed they had lost. The area that this man heard the explosion is in the Southern Avalon peninsula. Dr. Miller believes that there was an attempt in either the 60s or 70s to recover that plane that failed, as the old man said they “they” were in the wrong pond. Dr. Miller knows who Stan Tobin is, but doesn’t know him personally. He doesn’t know the Ship Cover story although this is near the area of the supposed crash.

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