Notes from interview by Ric Gillespie with Dr. James Miller
16 September 1992

There are two parts to this interview. The first part is notes from an interview Dr. Miller did with Patrick McGrath. The second part is notes from an interview Ric Gillespie did with Dr. Miller. Both note sheets are transcribed and also shown as images of the originals.


Nicholas McGrath, 1889 — 1972
20 May 1927 (foggy) 3 explosions to NW
Island SW Goose Pond
Northwest side
Blue metal through ice for many years (trapping muskrats)
Patrick (son) born 1922
Retrieved about 1940 ? sent to Nfld museum


9/16/92 w/Dr. Jim Miller

1927 Nicholas McGrath, Born 1889, died in 1972.

  • Hears 3 explosions on foggy day in May 1927 (?).
  • Following winter — sees metal protruding from snow & ice on or near island in Goose Pond (known locally as Gull Pond).

1940 or 1941

  • Placed in Judge’s barn/shed (Patrick McGrath)
  • Shed burned later but
  • Nicholas though it had been given to museum.

Circa 1970, Dr. Miller hears story from NIcholas, aged about 81. (Nicholas died in ’72.)

Circa 1980, Father McCarthy, Patrick McGrath, Hubert McGrath (younger) — McGraths take priest to spot, priest snorkels and finds piece of metal. Screws and fastening device.


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