Notes from interview by Ric Gillespie with Charles McCarthy
5 November 1993


Charles McCarthy [address, phones]

58 years old. 1970, summer, July or August, not a lot of bugs. Hubert and Patrick McGrath got a machine, Bombardier J-5, and a boat. Had a wetsuit, snorkel, and mask, no tanks. Water was warm, could see bottom about 10 feet down. Looked near island where Judge found piece. Muddy and a bit grassy bottom. Stayed overnight (shack), snorkled on surface.

Both [pieces] found near small island about 1 foot of water, on rock 8 inches of the band, turn where bolt went through about 3 or 4 inches. Band was about an inch wide, rusted, no color.

Hubert and Rex Murphy and Charlie went afterwards, no searching.

Left Cape Shore in 1971 (late December), went to California. In 1972 still had it with things in St. John’s. 1974 or 75, Hubert contacted him re CBC interested in doing story, discovered it was gone.

Probably searched a very small portion of the pond. No metal detector. Will make sketch. Two ponds — Big Gull Pond and Little Gull Pond. No cairn when he was there. Cairns are called man-o-rocks.


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