Notes from interview by Jay Veith with Ralph Martin
6 July 1993

Ralph was born in 1905, wife still living. He had a mill in Bradford, Yorkshire, and Peters was his agent in Newfoundland. Ralph manufactured cloth, which they sold to the Newfoundland police, Salvation Army, etc. Peters took them on a camping trip to Goosebury cove, where they met Patsy, who owned the land they camped on. Peters knew Judge because they used to come into St. John’s to make their weekly purchases. Patsy supplied camp with eggs and milk.

After two days, Patsy brought a piece of metal to Ralph. He told Ralph that he thought it was part of the undercarriage of an airplane. Patsy said they had heard an airplane going over while he was fishing in a pond; he found this piece.

Ralph was the first foreigner he had met, the first Englishman. He thought the piece was either English or was going to England. Patsy didn’t mention what year he heard it, or what year it came over.

The piece was comparatively light. It was about 12 to 14 inches long, about 3″ at its widest part. It was bent and somewhat crumpled, with a lot of strange numerals stamped on it. Ralph thought it was aluminum or stainless steel, as it showed no corrosion and was bright and shiny. No wood or rivets.

Ralph gave this piece to the AV Rowe factory which made Lancaster bombers. This factory was about 5 miles from his mill. The piece he described was as is, he doesn’t know what Patsy may have done to it between the time he found it and when he gave it to Ralph. He believed that it was from an undercarriage. When Patsy told him this, he had no reason not to believe him, since Ralph had no experience with airplanes. He feels it looked like a support piece, it didn’t come from a wing or the fuselage.

When he gave it to AV Rowe, they asked him where he got it. He told them the story, and they got very interested. He never heard from them what it was. Didn’t remember who he gave it to. He never heard the White Bird mentioned in connection with this. Recommended talking to either Mrs. Peters or Rex Andrews.

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