Letter from Patsy Judge to Ralph Martin, 18 June 1974

Patricks Cove
June 18 1974
Mr Ralph Martin

Dear Sir

I know you will be surprised to Hear from me. I am writing you conserning the peice off metal which I found in 1932. As you remember I gave you a Portion off this to you. and this was in 1947. and you presented it to a place in England and they in turn wrote me a letter saying it was undoubtfull a part off the under carrige off the plane called either the Blue Bird or the White Bird. perhaps you can find out which plane they were searching for here in 1928?

At the present time there is a group searching for it in the Pond where I found this plane and they are trying to deny that I was the first to find this Part and trying to say it was years later. So if you could write me a letter conserning this transacton between you and I in 1947 this would prove I am Right in what I am saying.

Mrs Willferd Peters claims she can also give me a letter that she can remember me having it and giving it to you and perhaps you could contact some person who is still aroun where you presented it. I trust you will be kind enough to write me and do what you can for me in this respect

I was indeed delighted to find you and Mrs Martin were still around and doing fine Poor Mr Peters passed away a few years ago I miss him when I go to town he was a wonderfull man.

If you write me my address I am writing at the bottom off the letter.

If you can help me by writing me a letter to certify where you presented the peice in question you will be doing me a wonderfull favor. thanking you very much I wish you all the Best from my wife I.

Patrick Judge
Patricks Cove PO 13 site 16
Cape Shore Placentia East
Newfondland Canada

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