Niku 8 Niku VIII Overview
What will it take to find whatever remains of the Earhart Electra? After more than a year of data analysis and operations review we believe we have the answer.

This is what Niku VIII will look like:

Dates: Twenty-four day expedition, June 2015.
Vessel: M/S Nai’a, 120 foot research motor sailer out of Fiji.
Search Technology: Small ROV; Mark I human eyeballs.
Search Operations: Examination of the sonar anomaly found in 2012 on a ledge on the reef; on-island archaeological search for “Camp Zero,” a initial camp possibly established by Earhart and Noonan right after they landed. MORE.

The plan for Niku VIII is built on the hard data gathered and the hard lessons learned during Niku VI and Niku VII. In the days and weeks to come we’ll be putting out detailed information and answering questions about all aspects of the search in TIGHARNews and on the TIGHAR website and Facebook page. As always, our ability to do this work depends entirely upon your contributions, large and small. Please click HERE to help.

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The Niku VIII Search Reference Kit offers maps and photos in both print and digital format, including a NEW Grid Map based on the new GeoEye Foundation satellite photo. Click HERE to learn more.

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