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Prior to the 2007 Niku V expedition, to allow TIGHAR members to follow research discussions and search operations, we produced a printed grid map of Nikumaroro based on the best satellite photo of the island available at that time. Now, with the benefit of what we’ve learned from Niku V (2007), Niku VI (2010), and Niku VII, and with superior satellite imagery courtesy of the GeoEye Foundation, we’re producing a new grid map in both print and digital format as part of the Niku VIII Search Reference Kit. We hope all TIGHAR members will take advantage of this special offer.

Grid map thumbnail
The Grid Map - click to open a larger version in a new window.
A SeaBeam image - click to open a larger version in a new window.

As we discuss, plan, and conduct the Niku VIII expedition, we’ll be referencing various parts of Nikumaroro and the surrounding waters. The Niku VIII Search Reference Kit is designed to help everyone follow and contribute to the coming discussions and reports. The Kit includes:

  • A printed full-color 11x17 inch Grid Map of Nikumaroro based on a spectacular cloud-free July 18, 2012 half-meter resolution image by the GeoEye1 satellite.
    • The Grid Map includes:
    • an alpha/numeric grid that divides the island and underwater search area into 140 meter (450 foot) blocks
    • annotated points of special interest with latitude and longitude
    • a detailed inset Grid Map of the Seven Site
  • A Compact Disc (CD) featuring:
    • a JPEG version of the Grid Map – zoomable, good resolution
    • a PDF version of the Grid Map – zoomable, maximum resolution
    • ten JPEG zoomable sonar maps of the underwater topography at Nikumaroro.

All of the files on the CD can be downloaded for research, slideshow, screen saver, wallpaper, etc.

Click HERE to order your Niku VIII Search Reference Kit.

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The Members of the TIGHAR Board of Directors.

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