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The Luke Field Crash Report: Exhibit H
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Luke Field, T. H.
March 23, 1937.

Eye-witness account of crash of AMELIA EARHART'S airplane at Luke Field, T.H., Saturday, March 20, 1937.

          On Saturday morning, March 20, I was standing at the edge of the runway approximately half way between each end with a 1 qt. fire extinguisher on the alert in case of an accident.

          The motors on the Earhart plane sounded as if they were opened up to about half throttle. The plane proceeded up the runway approximately 100 yards when both motors were given full throttle. Very shortly thereafter I noticed a slight tendency to turn to the right, immediately the motors sounded as if one had been slightly reduced in speed. The plane began a turn to the left which was very pronounced and at an angle approximately 45 degrees to parallel with the runway both motors were turned off, the plane proceeded approximately 10 feet and started to rurn in a very short circle, the landing gear collapsed and the plane slid backwards a short distance. Then I immediately ran in to render aid.

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Civilian Employee,
Hawaiian Air Depot.

Crash Report Cover Pages Exhibit "G" Statement by Mr. Fred D. Wood, Hawaiian Air Depot.
Proceedings and Findings Exhibit "H" Statement by Mr. E. L. Heidlebaugh, Hawaiian Air Depot.
Exhibit "A" Statement by the Engineering Officer, Wheeler Field, T.H. Exhibit "I" Statement by Mr. Lynn V. Young, Hawaiian Air Depot.
Exhibit "B" "Plan for Amelia Earhart Putnam Flight", Headquarters Wheeler Field, T.H. Exhibit "J" Statement by Corporal E. J. Cashman, R-4311524, 65th Service Squadron.
Exhibit "C" Letter, "Amelia Earhart Putnam Flight", Headquarters Wheeler Field, T.H. Exhibit "K" Statement by Private E. C. Schultz, 6678961, 65th Service Squadron.
Exhibit "D" Statement by the Operations Officer, Luke Field, T.H. Exhibit "M" Inventory of property shipped.
Exhibit "E" Statement by the Engineering Officer, Hawaiian Air Depot. Exhibit "N" Request for shipment and release from responsibility.
Exhibit "F" Statement by Mr. Geo. H. Miller, Hawaiian Air Depot.  

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