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The Luke Field Crash Report: Exhibit C
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Wheeler Field, T. H.

March 12, 1937.

TO: All Concerned

The following instructions are published for the information and guidance
    of all concerned during the Amelia Earhart Putnam Flight at Wheeler


PRESS: G-2, Hawaiian Division, is in charge of all publicity and press
    relations. No information will be released by anyone of this command
    unless approved by G-2, Hawaiian Division.
The pilots' room of the 75th Squadron Operations will be made available
    for Press Headquarters.
Approved members of the Press will be furnished identification by G-2,
    Hawaiian Division. Cars will be parked in rear of Transportation


GUARD AND TRAFFIC: Necessary guard and traffic control will be furnished
    by the Provost Marshall, Schofield Barracks. Coordination of seating
    arrangements and barriers for spectator control and ground arrangements
    will be handled by the Executive Officer, 18th Pursuit Group, 'phone 1162.


AERIAL: All aerial activities and arrangements for airplane maintenance,
    service, control, and aerial operations will be handled and coordinated
    by the Group Operations Officer. Mrs. Putnam's plane will be stored in the
    75th Service Squadron hangar under control of the Group Engineering Officer.


POST ACTIVITIES: Upon announcement of "H" hour there will be no further flying
    by this Group. All hangars and buildings not ordered open
    will be locked. All duties other than guard, necessary fatigue, and work
    incident to this flight will be suspended. All Headquarters and Staff
    Departments will remain open with sufficient personnel to operate.
UNIFORM: Group Staff--"A" with slacks and yellow gloves.
         Officers and enlisted men--normal duty uniform. Coveralls will
           be worn only by men engaged in work.


SPECTATORS: Seats for officers, their families and invited guests will
   be provided on the ramp between the 26th and 6th Squadron hangars.
   Cars will be parked in area adjacent to baseball diamond. Details of
   the flight will be broadcast over the Post Loud Speaker System on the
   hangar line.

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Enlisted men in uniform and their families and invited guests on ramp
    in front of 6th and 18th Squadrons. Cars will be parked on road and
    area adjacent thereto between Group Headquarters and Carter Gate.
Civilians will park and remain in roped area between Group Headquarters
    Building and Wright Gate.


INFORMATION: The following officers and representatives will be at the
    75th Service Squadron Operations Hangar, 'phone 1177, G-2, Hawaiian
    Division; Provost Marshall, Hawaiian Division; S-3, 18th Pursuit
    Group; Liaison Office, H. A. D.; representatives of Pratt and Whitney
    Aircraft Company and Standard Oil Company, immediately before and
    after the landing.
For general information call Group Operations Office, 'phone 1183.
The 11th Photo Section will make available two photographers to G-2
    Hawaiian Division.
The 75th Service Squadron will furnish one OA-3 type airplane with pilot
    and crew available on call by Group Operations.



For the Commanding Officer:
frierson sig

Major, 18th Pursuit Group
Intelligence & Operations Officer.

   1 - each Officer,
   25 - Extra.

Crash Report Cover Pages Exhibit "G" Statement by Mr. Fred D. Wood, Hawaiian Air Depot.
Proceedings and Findings Exhibit "H" Statement by Mr. E. L. Heidlebaugh, Hawaiian Air Depot.
Exhibit "A" Statement by the Engineering Officer, Wheeler Field, T.H. Exhibit "I" Statement by Mr. Lynn V. Young, Hawaiian Air Depot.
Exhibit "B" "Plan for Amelia Earhart Putnam Flight", Headquarters Wheeler Field, T.H. Exhibit "J" Statement by Corporal E. J. Cashman, R-4311524, 65th Service Squadron.
Exhibit "C" Letter, "Amelia Earhart Putnam Flight", Headquarters Wheeler Field, T.H. Exhibit "K" Statement by Private E. C. Schultz, 6678961, 65th Service Squadron.
Exhibit "D" Statement by the Operations Officer, Luke Field, T.H. Exhibit "M" Inventory of property shipped.
Exhibit "E" Statement by the Engineering Officer, Hawaiian Air Depot. Exhibit "N" Request for shipment and release from responsibility.
Exhibit "F" Statement by Mr. Geo. H. Miller, Hawaiian Air Depot.  

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